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Misfit Shine Review

Just over a week ago a Misfit Shine arrived in the post for me for product testing. I’ve only ever tried one other activity tracker before, a Fitbit Charge HR (you can see my review here), so I was excited to see how this little device measured up.


The Information

The box the Misfit Shine comes in has a lot of information about the device on the outside and inside of the box – it opens up like a book. Inside the box is the Shine tracker itself, it’s battery, a battery tool (to open up the Shine so you can put the battery in), a sport wrist band, a clip on attachment, the Shine quick start guide and safety instructions and an information card about the lithium battery.


The quick start guide explains how to put the battery in the Shine, how to sync your Shine with the smartphone app, how to attach the Shine to the different wearable options and explains what the dots mean when you double tap your Shine. As the Shine runs on a watch battery, it doesn’t need recharging and has a battery life of 6 months!

The Misfit Shine looks like a watch without a face or arms, when you double tap the tracker, you get two sets of information. First of all, it lights up to show you your progress toward your daily goal, and secondly it shows you the time.

Your Misfit Charge syncs wirelessly with your smartphone via bluetooth so you can see your results on your phone screen. You set yourself goals, like with the Fitbit, but instead of steps being the main goal, you earn points for being active. The points work in a way that, for example, if you walk for 50 paces you get 50 points, but if you run those 50 paces you’ll earn more points – because you’re being more active! You can also enter in your calories consumed but, again, I haven’t done that (because I’m a bit lazy!)


The Shine also monitors your sleep. It monitors how many hours you’ve slept, how many times you awakened, your quality of sleep (how restless you were).

The Cons

1. The Specifications – it’s not as high tech as other wearable trackers (although this isn’t really a con, because you also pay less for it!) It doesn’t do as much as the Fitbit Charge HR did (you can see what that does here)

2. Activity monitoring – it claimed to be able to detect when you’re doing specific activities such as cycling and swimming, but I’ve found that sometimes they get a bit confused and I end up having “cycled” when I’ve swam!

The Pros

1. The Design – the look of the Shine is really sleek, it’s not chunky or bulky and it sits pretty on my wrist. The screen is easy to read – it’s grey and the LED lights are white. It’s not the best to see in direct sunlight, but if you shelter it with your hand then it’s easy enough to see.


2. Easy To Use – I’ve found the Shine really easy to use, the double tap feature is great when you want to see how you’re doing and the time.

3. The Battery Life – this is one of my favourite things about the Misfit Shine. Because it works on a clock battery it doesn’t require recharging at all!

4. Waterproof to 50m – another one of my favourite aspects of this tracking device. You can wear this swimming or in the shower! This makes it perfect for your summer holiday – when you’re always in and out of the pool (or at least, I am!)

6. The Points System – you can choose how many points you want to aim for per day, and it lets you know how many minutes of walking, running or swimming you need to do to reach that goal! It’s better than the steps goal in my opinion as it encourages you to be more active (because you get more points per minute for more vigorous activity).


All in all I really do love the Misfit Shine and I would urge anyone thinking about getting a fitness tracker watch, but is a bit scared of parting with too much cash, to give this one a try. On amazon.co.uk, a Shine is £65.67


This is not a sponsored post, I just really do like this clever little device. If you need more persuading, Nichola from Nic’s Nutrition has done a review on her blog here and on her youtube channel here, and also has a discount code you can use!

Would I buy a Misfit device? YES 

I hope this review helps, if anyone has any questions you can contact me on here or on my Facebook pageTwitter or Instagram.


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      August 24, 2015 / 10:49 am

      You’re welcome! Xx

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      December 10, 2015 / 8:19 pm

      No problem – love your blog!! X

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