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Mio Fuse Review

I’m starting to get quite a collection here – not that I’m complaining! This is now the third activity tracker that I’ve received to review – the other two being the Misfit Shine and the Fitbit Charge HR.

The Mio Fuse is described as a heart rate activity tracker – similar to the Fitbit Charge HR (they’re both around the same price too!)

The Information

The box the Mio Fuse comes in has a bit of information about the device on the outside of the box, but not much. Inside the box is the Mio Fuse itself, the quick start guide and safety instructions and an information card about where to wear the Fuse for the most accurate HR reading. The start up guide informs you a little bit about the device, but also directs you to the website where there are start up videos and how-to videos about the device (very helpful).


The Mio Fuse looks like a plain black band with a teal underside (for the small, for the large it’s red instead). It has three touch pads, one on the top and one on each side. When you tap the top pad it’ll show you the last stats page you were on – time, goal progress, distance, steps, and calories burned. When you hold down the top pad you start the “workout” and the device finds your heart rate. Once you’re in workout mode you can tap once on the top pad to start the timer and pause the timer, and you can scroll through the stats using the side pads – heart rate, time, duration, distance, pace, speed and calories burned. You can set it so that the device vibrates when you change heart rate zone, and it gives you the choice of three or five heart rate zones.

The Mio Fuse measures your heart rate on your wrist like the Fitbit, although it does it slightly differently – it doesn’t use light pulses like the Charge HR.


On the website it says the battery life is 7 days, I’ve found usually this is a bit overestimation, but I’ve found it to be perfectly estimated as it didn’t need charging for a week after being fully charged!

The Mio Fuse, like the other two fitness trackers I’ve reviewed, syncs wirelessly with your smartphone via bluetooth so you can see your results on your phone screen. You set yourself goals, like with the Fitbit and the Misfit. It doesn’t, however, monitor your sleep like the other two – something I learned after falling asleep with it on the first night I had it and got woken up by vibrating on my arm due to my heart rate changing 😂


The Cons

1. No Continuity – it doesn’t do heart rate continuously throughout the day like the Fitbit Charge HR, and doesn’t monitor your sleep

2. Distance Accuracy – I tested the Mio Fuse against my Garmin GPS watch to see how it measures up – while the heart rate monitoring was very accurate when compared to the chest strap, the distance was quite far off – understandable as it doesn’t use GPS but if you’re using it to run with then it’s not accurate.

The Pros

1. The Design – the Mio Fuse is more chunky than the others, but it’s not to everyone’s taste. I definitely prefer the Teal to the Red. The screen is easy to read – the LED lights are red on the black background, maybe not the prettiest but it’s very easy to read the stats.


2. Easy To Use – once set up and once I’d gotten used to it, I’ve found the Mio Fuse really easy to use. It feels more technical than the others I’ve tested, so there’s a bit more to get your head round than with the others, but it’s by no means too difficult!

3. The Battery Life – it does what it says on the tin – 7 days from fully charged!

4. Waterproof to 30m – another one of my favourite aspects of this tracking device. You can wear this swimming or in the shower! This makes it perfect for your summer holiday – when you’re always in and out of the pool (or at least, I am!) You can even use the workout mode while swimming so you can measure your heart rate etc while swimming.

6. The Goals – I’ve found them a great motivator and really interesting. If I don’t hit 10,000 steps I don’t beat myself up about it (usually it’s because I’ve been sat at my desk all day anyway).

7. Specifications – I really do love how much this little device does – steps, heart rate (HR), distance (although it’s not that accurate, it’s a good estimate), calories burned (which is really accurate because you enter in your height and weight and it uses the HR data!) and flights of stairs.

I’ve also found a running outfit that perfectly matched the Mio Fuse – always a win 💁


The Mio Fuse will cost you about £130 on their website, but you can also get it on amazon from £92.96

I hope this review helps, if anyone has any questions you can contact me on here or on my Facebook pageTwitter or Instagram.


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