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Training week 40: Hitting the restart button

This week I got back to basics, no Kayla, just running. I did manage to sneak one 25-minute bodyweight resistance workout in there, but I decided to go back to basics and simply go with what I said in #MySportsPhilosophy and just do what I love this week.

This week I also got approached by the lovely team at Sports Philosophy and got the chance to host my first ever giveaway 🌟 If you head to this picture on my Instagram page:

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 18.17.57

You can win a pair of tickets for you and a friend to the Om Yoga Show in London (which runs from the 23rd-25th October). To win, all you have to do is:

1. Follow @lively_el and follow @sports_philosophy

2. Comment with #SPOmYoga and tag the person you’d like to bring.

It’s really simple! The competition closes on the 9th October at midday and the winners will be announced on the 10th October 💫 GOOD LUCK!

Onto this week’s training

Monday: or what I now call it, rest day. I’m actually enjoying working out on the weekend and taking Mondays off, it helps make the start of the week that much easier.

Tuesday: 5.46KM run. Tonight’s run was a lovely slow-paced run around Barry Island and along the beach. We decided to run at 6PM so we had a lovely sunset view coming back. Afterwards, we just sat on the beach with a bottle of water and watched the sun set, it was so lovely!


Wednesday: 5.6KM run. Another run in Barry tonight, but we decided to run in Porthkerry Park, a country park at the top of Barry. This run included about a million stairs, from the beach up to the cliff top so I was pretty happy with 34 minutes!

Thursday: workout day! We couldn’t decide what area we wanted to workout, so we opted for a full body workout. We set the stopwatch and exercised for 40 seconds/ rested for 20 for a total of 25 minutes. We alternated deciding what exercise to do, but the workout comprised of burpees, lunges, squat jumps, ab bikes, ski sits and much more!

Friday: 6.3KM run. Tonight’s run was back by the beach, but in Penarth this time. Afterwards, I did a bit of yoga on the beach while Dom took photos 🙊😂


Saturday: rest day. While today was considered a rest day, we still managed to walk the dog twice and do some stretching, so when I say rest day I don’t mean turn-into-a-couch-potato-day 

Sunday: 21.1KM run. I decided to go for a longer run today, inspired by all those who took part in the Cardiff Half and the Race for Life Half (including my best friend Becky). I did a bit of a Forest Gump and just decided to go where my feet took me and run for however long I fancied. It ended up being slightly less than half marathon distance so I added a small loop to make it up to 21.1KM.

It felt good to be back in the running mindset and I do enjoy training. So while I do have a half marathon booked for March, I’m on the lookout for more races before then. If you know of any around this time (Nov-Jan) then please leave a comment down below and let me know!

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend,

L x


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