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October Faves

FINALLY, I’m allowed to get excited for Christmas! While I’m always full of a cold this time of year (I’m currently suffering a sore throat and cold already!), I absolutely love it! Everyone gets a bit excited and generally happier in the lead up to Christmas and we all wrap up warm and chill out by a toasty fire.

I know everyone seems to be freaking out at how quickly the year goes, but if you’re making the most of each day/ week then how can you be upset that it’s moving along? I’ve done SO much this year that I’m proud of, so it feels right that it’s near the end of the year! If you’re worried 2015 is getting away from you, make the next two months count – what would you want to accomplish by 2016?


clearly deep in thought..

ANYWAYYYY, philosophical monologue over, here are my October Favourites:

1. Sk:n clinics skincare

I’ve been using my sk:n clinics products ever since I got given a few products to sample and review and I think that speaks volumes! I’m actually completely out of the Anti-Blemish hydrator and I’ll definitely be getting another bottle – it leaves your skin hydrated but not greasy and smells incredible. The products all smell great and they really feel luxurious. You feel as though you’re pampering your skin, but they do a great job of cleaning and clearing your skin – which is especially great if you live in a dirty city!


2. Musclefood

I think I’ve made it fairly obvious how much I love musclefood. Ever since my first box came I’ve been hooked! You can read my full review here, but it’s basically high quality meat and other high protein products for great prices. They also ALWAYS have incredible deals on, including this deal for new customers.


3. Bear Strength Clothing

My newest favourite activewear/ loungewear brand! My full review of the clothes can be found by clicking here. They do great vests, sweatshirts and bottoms for great prices. And not only do you get these super soft, super comfortable clothes at a price that wont break the bank, you also get the sense that you’re joining a community when you wear Bear Strength! It’s a small company with big ideas, and their presence on social media is great.


4. The rise of Smart Jewellery

Some activity trackers can seem chunky, plain and, quite frankly, ugly. It’s great to see some companies make an effort to prettify their activity trackers. They understand that, while we want to track our activity and sleep, we also want to wear our favourite watch and look like we’re making an effort with our outfits. The UP2 and the Bellabeat LEAF are two fantastic examples of activity trackers that don’t compromise on style. They not only perform great, they look gorgeous too!



I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Chessie in person (yet), but she’s simply so lovely on social media that I feel like I know her already. Not only is she super gorgeous, she’s super smiley, friendly and kind too. She’s my Superwoman this month as she’s recently been training for her first ever bikini competition (THIS WEEKEND). I’m absolutely in awe of everything she’s accomplished in just 16 weeks, the time and dedication she’s put in to reaching this goal and she’s simply radiated positivity throughout. I know she’ll do an AMAZING job this weekend and I can’t wait to see her pictures from the weekend!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 23.46.45

Chessie’s Links:

Blog: http://www.chessieking.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/chessiekingg/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chessieking

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 23.49.08

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Here’s to the last two months of the year – let’s make them count!

L x


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