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My blog has had a little whirlwind the past week – everyone’s been loving my BBG vs FBG blog post (if you haven’t read it, please go check it out and let me know what you think!)

This blog post is something I’m sure you’re all used to seeing on here – an activity tracker review. I was sent the Withings Activité Pop about two weeks ago, and I’ve had a great time testing it out – it’s fast become one of my favourites!


One of the best things about this activity tracker is that it doesn’t look like an activity tracker. In a world where everyone and their mother is comparing the number of steps they’ve got flashing up on their wrists, the simplicity here is really elegant.

Essentially you just have the clock face and the little pedometer scale. I was given the tan colour one, but you can get it in a range of colours, including black (which looks really smart). The metal surrounding the Activité Pop face is not flashy – it’s a sort of matte metal, which makes it blend in even better in my eyes.


The simplicity of the Activité Pop rings through here – it doesn’t measure as much as other activity trackers I’ve tried and tested, but it does steps and sleep.

It also detects when you do other activity – such as swimming or running – automatically, which is quite clever. If you do a workout and it doesn’t detect it, you can manually add it later.

As all you get on the Activité Pop face is the pedometer that lets you know roughly how much activity you’ve done, the app is a nice addition. The app gives you information about your sleep – when was light and when was deep – and your activity – you can see spikes for when you were active.

If you forget to put your Activité Pop on in the morning, you have the option to use your phone as a tracker instead – which I think is very clever!

You also get to earn badges as you go – just yesterday I earned the Loch Ness badge – for a lifetime distance of 100KM. As there’s no GPS built in to this watch, it calculates distance the same way most others do – with an educated guesstimate.

Personally, I think that’s enough to want from an activity tracker – you want to track the activity you do!


As the Activité Pop uses a watch battery, there’s no need to recharge – simply replace the battery when needed (about 6months).

As it does up like a watch, you can choose to wear it how you like – tight or loose, face up or face down – and it won’t affect your stats.

It’s waterproof! No more panicking about whether you’ve taken it off before you get in the shower 🙌🏼


For a simple little device, I think it’s quite pricey – about £120. It’s not horrendous, and if you’re happy with this kind of activity tracker then it’s a great one.

Keep your eyes peeled for my which activity tracker is right for you blog post – it’ll be up this weekend!



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