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It’s no secret on here that I love my wearables! I’ve been reviewing activity trackers on here for about a year now and I’ve been thinking of doing this blog post for a while – people are always asking me which activity tracker they should get so now I get to put all of my thoughts into one blog post and compare them all side by side. I’ll look at them from a price perspective, a weight lifting perspective vs running perspective and discuss my favourites.

Before we jump right into it, here are the activity trackers I’ve reviewed and their prices – they link through to my reviews and where you can buy them:

You can read the full reviews for each under:
reviews – fitness reviews – activity tracker reviews

I’m quite tight when it comes to money – I don’t want to spend my hard earned cash unless I know exactly what I’m getting, which is why I love doing these reviews – I get to test them out and help people understand if something is worth their money.

Activity trackers come in a range of prices, so I’m going to group them by specs here – so you can see what you’ll get for your money.


The most basic activity trackers up there are the Misfit Shine, the Sony SWR30, the Jawbone UP2, the Bellabeat LEAF and the Withings Activité Pop. They are the most basic ones in my eyes as they all measure your steps and sleep, but that’s about it (which is fine if that’s what you want one for – but we’ll get onto that later).

  • DISPLAY: The Misfit Shine, Sony SWR30 and Activité Pop both show the time and you how far you are progressing to your goal, the other two don’t
  • BATTERY LIFE: The Misfit Shine, Bellabeat LEAF and Activité Pop all run on watch batteries so don’t need recharging – unlike the Jawbone UP2 and Sony SWR30
  • WEARABILITY: You can wear the Misfit Shine and Bellabeat LEAF in different ways – as watches or necklaces or they can clip onto your trousers – the other three are restricted to wrists
  • WATERPROOF: The Misfit Shine, Sony SWR30 and Activité Pop are all waterproof – which I think is a massive bonus even if you don’t swim (we all shower!)
  • COMPATIBILITY: All of them except the Sony SWR30 are compatible across Apple and Android – this one is only compatible with Android, which seriously holds it back.

Between these four activity trackers, the Misfit Shine is my favourite and I’d highly recommend it – even more than some of the activity trackers that do more!


2. MID

The mid-range activity trackers are those that do more than your basic ones (above), but also add something more – heart rate monitoring. In this category we have the Fitbit Charge HR, Mio Fuse, Alcatel WATCH, Basis PEAK and Polar A360.

  • DISPLAY: The Fitbit Charge HR and Mio Fuse come in behind the others here with their limited display screens. The other three are all touchscreen and the Alcatel WATCH and Polar A360 are both colour display.
  • EXERCISE: The Polar A360 definitely wins for exercise – while you can tell the others when you’re exercising, they usually guess running, cycling or swimming and are fairly annoying if you workout in a gym! The Polar A360 gives you the choice to choose which activities you do (from running to tennis and weightlifting)
  • SLEEP: The Mio Fuse lags behind the others here as it doesn’t track your sleep at all. The Alcatel WATCH, however, needs to be told when you’re sleeping – otherwise it won’t track it.
  • WATERPROOF: The Mio Fuse, Basis PEAK and Polar A360 are all waterproof – which is definitely what you want when you’re paying more money for them!

Overall, my favourite activity tracker in this group is the Polar A360 – it is the most expensive, but it’s the best by far. My second favourite would have to be the Basis PEAK, which only lacks behind due to the exercise section above.


If you’ve been ticking them off, you’ll realise there’s only one left – the Polar M400. This one gets a category all to itself as not only does it do steps, sleep and heart rate monitoring, it also has GPS. Essentially it’s a non-colour screen, non-touch screen, bigger version of the A360, but with an added feature. Similarly to the A360, you can choose what exercises you want to do – PLUS you get to add GPS, so your workout summaries just got WAY more efficient. It does track heart rate, but not on your wrist – it comes with a heart rate monitor that you wear on your chest.

Personally, I prefer the M400 to the A360 as it does GPS – plus it’s cheaper so that’s a massive win for me.


So essentially:

If you want an activity tracker that tracks steps, sleep and basic exercise – I’d recommend the Misfit Shine. Not only is it the best in my eyes, it’s also the cheapest.

If you want one that does heart rate too – I’d recommend the A360. It’s the best one, it looks the best and you can track various exercises – a massive bonus!

If you want one that does all of the above AND GPS – I’d recommend the M400. I’d also recommend the M400 over the A360 (it does more for less) – but that’s personal preference.

If you have any questions about any of the activity trackers, let me know in the comments below!





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