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Before you say anything, I am aware that I have already done a blog post featuring the New New Balance kit that I love. However, I felt these trainers deserved their own post and full review, as I know a lot of people like to look at reviews when buying running shoes (myself included). Here are some of my thoughts on the New Balance 860v6:

First up, the design. I really like the look of the New Balance 860v6– they’re deep purple with hints of bright green. I also really like that, even though they’re stability trainers, they’re not as chunky as other trainers – they’re small and lightweight enough to pack in a bag for work or to go away for the weekend.

Second, the stability of these trainers. I’ve mentioned it before but I always feel it’s important to note that I am an overpronator (my feet roll inwards when I run) so I require stability shoes for running to correct this. The New Balance 860v6 are not only stabilising, but also really cushioned, meaning that they’re super comfortable – even when being put to the test in the Welsh coastal valleys!

img_8705IMG_8706 (1)

They even stabilised my ankles enough to try out a few yoga poses!

All in all, I really like these trainers – they are fast becoming my favourite running trainers! The colours are cute, they’re light, packable and they’re perfect for my running style as they both stabilise my ankles and cushion with each step. Check them out here.

Would I buy these trainers? YES. They’re £110 – which is not bad for running trainers (I don’t spend money freely so I need them to be good quality).

Ask away if you have any questions about the New Balance 860v6

L x



  1. July 24, 2016 / 2:37 pm

    Love the post. What great photos! Did you have endorsement from them? Or did you just do this on your own? Definitely subscribing for more! I love watching people get out and get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I write about that kind of stuff in my blog as well! Feel free to check it out if you need some inspiration or motivation.



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