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Last Thursday, at 11PM, I was emailed asking if I would like to attend an event with very.co.uk – to celebrate Brazil and the Rio Olympics and to celebrate the Reebok line at very.co.uk

Of course I said yes.


So, on Saturday morning I made my way to Old Street for a Brazilian wake up – BOM DIA!

We kicked the morning off with a 45 minute Brazilian dancing-inspired workout thanks to Corpao Fitness. It focused on legs and cardio and consisted of curtsey lunges, sprints, plié squats, squat jumps and so much more – the workout left my legs BURNING, my face stupidly red and my hair looking like I’d had a shower. Definitely check them out if you’re looking for a fun workout!

We then had the chance to grab a green juice, some yoghurt and granola from Grain and Bowl and I finally got to down a bottle of water. While we cooled down, we got the chance to watch some amazing Capoeira and chat.

Finally, we had a bit of a samba party – the woman was an absolutely incredible dancer, and her outfit was one that could rival VS. After she finished the main part of her dance, she chose me to get up and dance with her (you can imagine my red face) and then we had a group samba session – which even the poor guy next to me got dragged into!

It was an amazing morning – such a great way to kick off the weekend! A massive thank you very.co.uk for inviting me along!!

Is this something you’d be interested in trying? Definitely give it a go if you’re up for a fun workout that leaves your legs burning – it would be amazing to do with a friend.

L x

Reebok are one of the main sponsors of Be:Fit London – who organised the event, and arranged a huge festival aimed at women earlier in the year


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