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It’s hard to believe that we’re already into March – we’re 1/6th through with 2017! As you may remember, instead of doing New Years resolutions this year, I’ve been doing monthly challenges.

February’s challenge was to go meat-free (except for fish). Now I didn’t eat that much meat at home anyway, but if we were fancying burgers or even pizza then I would opt for the meat versions. I hadn’t even taken chorizo into account when I came up with this challenge – I love chorizo!

The thing I found the hardest wasn’t my evening meals, there are some great meat substitutes out at the moment, from Quorn to Linda McCartney (which honestly tasted much better than I’d expected). The thing I found hardest were the little extras; bacon sandwiches (that I did’t even have that often), cured meats and sandwich meats, bits of prosciutto to go with pasta – things like that!

There were times I forgot and went to add meat to my plate, before being reminded that I was now veggie – I even went so far as to have a bite of a ham and cheese toastie, only to remember too late and then have to take the ham out of the rest.

Now I feel much better – healthier even. I do have to concentrate a lot more on what I can and can’t have, but being pescatarian has really helped with that side of things!

The thing I don’t like about buying meat is that you don’t know where it’s come from or whether that animal has had a great life, so I’ve actually made the decision to keep it up – but not religiously. For example – I’ve never been to Five Guys, so if we did go I would 100% get a beef burger. Other than that I’m happy to do my part for the environment and for animal welfare.

Although Dom didn’t manage to stick to this one (he *may* have had a burger for lunch on the 2nd Feb), he has been great – having veggie burgers and sausages with me (even if he does have to add bacon) and working his way through all the bacon / carbonara sauce we had – such a trooper!

What about you? Would you ever consider going veggie / pescatarian?

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