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I’m in love.

RUNA has me head over heels for yoga gear. I’m going to be completely honest here and say my yoga hasn’t been quite as consistent as it used to be – but then again when I first got into yoga I was a student with hours upon hours of free time to practice.

RUNA athleisure wear was created by Xsenia Runa in 2015. Inspired by balance and symbolism, RUNA puts emphasis on premium fabrics, cutting-edge prints and unparalleled comfort.

Initially designed as a womenswear brand, RUNA has expanded to incorporate menswear and unisex styles.

From pared-down sweaters to laid-back leggings and t-shirts, RUNA is a thoroughly contemporary athleisure-wear brand, offering absolute comfort for any occasion.

RUNA: Designed for life.


I opted for the Dubai Twilight t-shirt and leggings and I am so glad I did. I love the colours and patterns and I love the material and fit!


The T-shirt is a flattering cut (it’s unisex) with no risk of boobage popping out at the top or getting self-conscious about the bit of skin that hangs over the top of your sports bra (it can’t be just me?!)

The leggings are super soft and stretchy and have an elasticated waist so there’s no danger of them falling down. They’re also the perfect length for someone like me (about 5ft 8in) – and I think they’d even fit someone taller without coming up to shin length like some other brands.

All in all, they’re great.


RUNA T-Shirt: £20.00

RUNA Leggings: £33.13


Instagram: @runa_ldn


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