I’ve said it time and time again – getting yourself some new workout kit really does increase workout motivation, because it makes you want to use it! However, getting your hands on functional and gorgeous activewear that doesn’t drain your bank account can be a struggle! So I put together this blog post – these are my 3 favourite budget brands that make beautiful and functional (i.e. the leggings don’t fall down and the tops stay in place) activewear. All brands mentioned are super cheap! Say goodbye to spending £50 on a sports bra and £70 on leggings! And yes, all photos feature our gorgeous new flat plants! Enjoy!

1. E L L E S S E


You can see a full review of this kit here. Essentially, this kit is beautifully made – with a subtle snake print and mesh panels. The leggings are full length and come up nice and high too! The sports bra is a flattering cut and stops your boobies jubbling too much! What more do you want eh? Available from JD Sports.


2. D O M Y O S


Yeah I’d never heard of this brand before either! Domyos was created by Decathon – a super cheap online store where you can get pretty much anything you need for fitness – from stationary bikes to socks! The leggings are cropped, and come up nice and high. The top is loose and breezy. Both pieces are made of a combination of brightly coloured lycra and mesh – providing you with beautiful and breathable fitness clothes. Available on their website here.


3. B E A R  S T R E N G T H


I know you know I love Bear Strength. If you’ve never heard of them, they’re a small fitness clothes brand from South Wales – creating fitness clothes for cross fitters / runners / yogis – basically anyone! There’s a full review here. These clothes may not be as fashion-forward as the other brands I’ve mentioned (apart from the sports bra with a mesh back 😍), but they certainly are functional! The clothes are all super comfy and the leggings even have a pocket in the waistband for you to keep your key / card! Available on their website here.


So there you have it – my favourite budget brands. Let me know if you have any more brands – I’m always on the lookout for a good deal!



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