So my May challenge was to take a photo every day for this month. It was quite tough, but it’s nice to look back on this now and remind myself what’s happened this month.

So go ahead and enjoy this sneak peak into my day to day life..

Day 1 – post workout picture. I remember feeling so doughy and unfit after a long bank holiday weekend of eating and drinking. So I decided to start exercising more regularly and eating better – I actually do feel a lot better, in just a month!

Day 2 – post netball game win selfie. We won that game 26-8 with NO SUBS. We were shattered and battered (the other team was quite aggressive) but on such a high.

Day 3 – I wanted to get out of work on time tonight and go for a light run to shake out my tight legs. However, life doesn’t always work out how you planned and I had a really long day at work. I didn’t get out until gone 7:30 and by the time I got back I didn’t really have time for a run – especially as I had an early start the next day. Ah well, better luck next time!

Day 4 – another 12 hour day and another rest day for me 🙌🏼 I had a long day full of meetings and probably could have gone for a run this evening, but my shin was still sore from netball – so a night with my foam roller was on the cards.

Day 5 – Friday night and I’m spending it at the gym. Nothing too intensive and nothing too fast, just a steady session to get going after a day sat at my desk.

Day 6 – after spending most of the day in my PJs (until 4) and lounging about the house catching up on last weeks Take Me Out and various YouTube videos, I decided to hit the gym again. I took the scenic route back through Ravenscourt Park.

Day 7 – I fake tanned after yesterday’s shower… and then went to the gym – great idea El! I could smell the tan dripping off me 🙈 but ah well, another cardio session done and another weekend over! I’m wearing my favourite Ellesse kit:


Day 8 – today was a bit of a fail on the photo front (a long day of work followed by nothing interesting at all!)

Day 9 – after a loonnngg day of being cooped up at my desk yesterday, I promised myself I’d get out at lunch today – and not only did it boost my mood but I feel like I was more productive afterwards too.

Day 10 – on my way home from work, I treated myself to a WholeFoods shop (do not go when you’re hungry guys, it’s dangerous)

Day 11 – after work today, I got to swap my usual jeans and trainers for heels, a dress and make up as we went to the PR Week Global Awards. Amazingly, on the next table was a guy I went to school with!

Day 12 – another non-photo day I’m afraid guys!

Day 13 – my race number has arrived! In two weeks tomorrow I will be running the Edinburgh marathon with 4 of my friends!!

Day 14 – today was a very bleurgh-feeling day. So Dom and I went for a lovely long walk by the river. I’m IN LOVE with this picture he took. Boy is talented with a DSLR camera 🙌🏼

Day 15 – got to work, felt awful, got told to come home. Tucked myself up on the sofa, watched a bit of TV, had a nap and felt much better. That’s pretty much all that happened today.

Day 16 – bonjour from Paris! Don’t get any ideas – I’m here for work and haven’t been outside in the LOVELY blue skies and warm weather once. But still. I love Paris!

Day 17 – managed to get out for an early morning run in Paris 🇫🇷 watching the sun rise over Notre Dame really was something special!

Day 18 – the final day of our meeting and a well deserved beer with the team to celebrate the end!

Day 19 – a really dull one today guys (soz!) but after what felt like the longggest week (including illness, long hours and minimal sleep) all I wanted to do was curl up in bed. And that’s what happened! (Yes those are teddies)

Day 20 – after the gym today, I took the scenic walk through Ravenscourt Park back home and stopped off at the W6 Garden Centre to pick up a couple of beautiful plants and pots. I’m in love guys.

Day 21 – with Dom back (he was at the rugby 7s in Twickenham yesterday), we went for a walk. Initially to just get a bit of cardio in and then so I could show him the garden centre (we ended up buying two more 🙊).


Day 22 – the tube that I get home from work wasn’t running and it was such a hot day that the bus would’ve been absolutely hideous so I decided to walk home. Such a beauuutiful view too!

Day 23 – just because I didn’t play netball yesterday, doesn’t mean I couldn’t go support! So I ran there after work (my last one before the marathon) – which was about 10KM – and cheered my socks off (and live tweeted from the work account – @VirgoHealth)

Day 24 – I’m not a massive fan of ginger but with the sniffles going around the office I didn’t want to risk getting ill before Edinburgh! Wearing my new top from H&M

Day 25 – another day at work and another late evening – packing for Edinburgh. Sorry!

Day 26 – we’re in to Edinburgh! After travelling up this morning, we went for food and drinks in town and I was surprised by my parents! Dom had kept it a secret for months and I was so happy to see them!

Day 27 – our first full day in Edinburgh and the day before the run, so what did we decide to do? Climb Arthur’s seat obviously – what a great idea haha!

Day 28 – Race day! I’ll do a full write up of the day later on, but for now I’ll just say that was amazing. It wasn’t a PB, it wasn’t my favourite route and it certainly was painful (goodbye toenails!!) but running with my friends was incredible!

Day 29 – our last morning in Edinburgh. We spent it at the National Portrait Gallery before getting our train back. I’m certainly happy I’ve got tomorrow off though – my poor toes!

Day 30 – so SO happy I booked today off work! A day sat lounging about, resting my legs, tidying the flat and watching OTH was EXACTLY what my poor legs / feet / toenails needed!

Day 31 – LAST DAY OF THE CHALLENGE 🙌🏼 and so here’s a selfie to finish it off

Stay tuned for my next challenge – run a mile a day (for the first few days it might have to be a mile / fail thanks to my lovely purple toe!!)


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