Nearly two weeks ago, I was in Edinburgh with my friends and (surprisingly) my family. We went up to take part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. My dad and I did the marathon, Dom and Will did the half, and Katie, Nicola, Kate and Sam did the Hairy Haggis Relay (yes that’s what it’s called!)

So maybe walking up Arthur’s Seat the day before wasn’t the best prep – and maybe having a few (a lot) of drinks didn’t help too. But neither did the weather. This run was hot and tough!

The first part of the run is mainly downhill – and I say “mainly” because there were still quite a few uphills! The rest was fairly flat (again “fairly” because there were a couple of small hills – not enough to really complain about, but enough to notice!)

The majority of the route itself was along the coast, but disappointingly there wasn’t really much to look at. The inland bits were very resedential, and the coastal bits were along a country road. 

There were water stops every 5KM-ish and I drank SO much – a combination of running with a bottle every time there was a stop and trying to stay hydrated. Which means I had to stop for my first pee stop in a run! 

The best part? The crowds. The people supporting were great – and they were blasting out music and cheering for us really loudly – the last big crowd towards the end even brought a tear to my eye! 

Although I struggled a lot, we managed to finish all together – and we finished STRONG. We had a 250m-ish sprint to the end and I’ve never been in so much pain 😂😂


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