Healthy food is delicious. It’s also not as expensive as everyone thinks if you’re buying all fresh ingredients and prepping it at home. The only issue is the time it takes – sometimes we don’t have enough time to prep it. We get in from work late / go out and then don’t have time in the evening because we’re exhausted. Getting up early enough to prep your meals as well as shower and get ready just sometimes isn’t feasible. So why not let someone else do it for you?

I was contacted by a meal prep company called Prepp’d and they asked if I’d be interested trying out some of their meals – of course I said yes. I always say yes to food.

I was sent a couple of meals from Prepp’d to try out and OH MY GOD DO IT. Because I don’t eat meat, I was sent a couple of vegan meals, a fish meal and one of their vegan doughnuts (YUM).


With Prepp’d, you can get 3 meals a day for a week for about £25 a day – which isn’t bad when you think that you are getting breakfast, lunch and dinner! They also deliver everywhere in the UK which is amazing – most places just do London.

I had the nutty buddha bowl (which I didn’t actually finish – I tried it but I’m not a big tofu or quinoa fan so this isn’t one I’d choose), haddock kedgeree (quite fishy smelling so maybe this one isn’t to bring into work for the microwave) and the raw burger with cauliflower couscous and sweet potato fries (this was my favourite – the burger was made of mushroom but it didn’t taste like a giant mushroom!)


The vegan doughnut also tasted delicious – it was really dense and chocolatey and as I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, I loved it.


I would definitely recommend Prepp’d – obviously it’s not realistic for me to have this every day, as I don’t have enough £££ for that! But I would definitely recommend getting this if you want to stay on track but you know you’re going to have a busy week.


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