Well let’s just get this out there straight away – last month’s challenge did not go well.

This month was another complete fail (like March’s) but to be honest, I’m not at all surprised. I’ve tried 6 monthly challenges now and found that cutting something out is far easier than trying to add something in to your daily routine.

As a refresher, at the beginning of this year, instead of making a New Year’s Resolution, I decided to do monthly challenges. So far, I’ve completed 4 out of the 6 – and some of them I have absolutely loved! For example, no alcohol in January proved to myself that I do have at least a bit of willpower 🙊, I loved being a pescatarian in February so much that I have continued to be a pescatarian, and taking a photo everyday in May really made me reflect on what I do in a day / what I enjoyed that day.

June’s challenge – to run a mile a day, was off to a bad start before it even began. Due to poor planning on my part, the month started a couple of days after my last marathon, and this particular marathon wrecked my feet so much that they weren’t in any condition to run for a while! Also, when you’ve been training for something, it’s then really hard to keep going once you’ve achieved your goal – at least straight away afterwards it is! A couple of days, at the start of the month, I went for a walk instead, to try and give myself a chance of keeping it up, but it didn’t work. I finish work late some nights (most nights) and I’m sometimes not home until about 8PM so trying to find the time for a workout is tough – not impossible, but I’m doing Kayla’s BBG again and I love the workouts so most of the time, if I can, I’d rather do that.

Due to my recent revelation (that adding something is tougher than cutting something out) I thought I would re-visit the challenges I’ve set myself and re-evaluate. So here they are again:

January – no alcohol: COMPLETE

February – pescatarian: COMPLETE

March – word of the day: FAIL

April – no caffeine: COMPLETE

May – photo of the day: COMPLETE

June – run a mile a day: FAIL

July – stretch every day

August – no chocolate (this is going to be tough!)

September – prepare meals (to try and save ££) 

October – learn French (I did it at AS level and wanted to get back into it)

November – do a puzzle a day (because I don’t do them enough but enjoy them when I do)

December – blogmas (blogging every day is going to be tough but challenges aren’t supposed to be easy!)

So far, the July challenge has not gone well – but I’m not giving up hope! I’ve got a couple of apps I can use (Yoga 15 / Sweat) and I’m going to try and do some yoga flows in the morning before work (minus the first week…)


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