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We’re told that we should be skinny, but also have curves. We should have a thigh gap, but also a peachy derriere. We should be fit and healthy, but also drink beer and eat burgers. We should work hard, but also find time for exercise and a social life (and also somehow magically find time for an 8 hour sleep).

I’m going to let you in on a secret – trying to please other people never works. It only makes you miserable.


I have spent too long trying to look good, to work hard and to be sociable, and doing all of that is hard enough, let alone when you try to factor in getting enough sleep too!

I’ve finally reached a stage where I’m happy with who I am. I know my values and I’m proud of the choices I make.

Finding the right balance of the these things will make you happy. And only you can decide which balance is right for you. One thing I’ve learned is that life is constant balancing act (see what I did there?) Just because you have everything sorted one week doesn’t mean it’ll work the next. Social events, work and travel get in the way quite often, so finding a balance is important.


My balance:

  • I work hard – I like what I do and I’m pleased to say that I think I’m pretty good at it. It challenges me and makes me stay late sometimes, but I’m very lucky in that I have great colleagues who are always there if I need help or just a chat, I work in a lovely area (Richmond) and I actually enjoy what I do – otherwise it wouldn’t make me happy.
  • I keep busy – or my blog keeps me busy! I love blogging, which I why I don’t mind spending my evenings and weekends writing, taking and editing pictures and going to events for my blog. However, sometimes working late and travelling on weekends / during the week means that I don’t always get the time I would like to write. This used to really stress me out and I would end up chucking something together just so I can get a post out – but that would always upset me. I’m proud of my blog and I like to put out content that I would like to read – so now, when I don’t have time to write, I simply don’t. I write down any ideas I have in a notepad and write it up when I have time to.
  • I exercise – quite a lot. I like exercising because it makes me feel good. I like going for walks, runs, doing HIIT workouts, yoga and pretty much anything else that will get me good and sweaty – I love trying new things and mixing up my routine. There was a time when I would feel guilty for skipping a workout – afraid that this one missed workout would result in gaining a stone overnight, which is absolute nonsense. Now, if I end up working late and not getting home until 8PM, I’ll quite happily give a workout a miss, but I’ll usually make it up to myself by exercising the next morning, because I know if I leave it a couple of days I’ll start feeling lazy and lethargic.
  • I am travelling quite a bit at the moment – not only for fun things like holidays, but also for work and for seeing family and friends. Not every travel is out of the country, or for weeks at a time, but it can still mess up your routine. I try to make the most of it and pack my camera, laptop and running kit just in case we get the chance to take some pictures for the blog / Instagram, or in case I get a chance to write or go for a run / do a workout – because these are the things that keep me happy. Usually I’ll have the chance to do at least one of these things!

As I said, it’s a balancing act – trying to fit it all in is tough, so the key is to always be prepared, but don’t be disappointed if you can’t do something. There’s always tomorrow.


What are your top tips for staying on top of everything? What keeps you happy?

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