Tis the season to flee the UK in search for more consistent warm weather and sunshine!

More and more people (myself included) are travelling lite – hand luggage only. While it saves you time the other end, it can be a nightmare when it comes to what to pack – not only do you need to pack less outfits and pack smarter, but you also need to be careful with your liquids.

With most airlines, you get to bring a smaller bag / handbag as well as your smaller suitcase hand luggage bag. As I've managed to bag myself a fair few couple of flights recently, I thought I'd share my 5 top products for flying / must-haves for your summer holiday.


Airplane cabins are really air-conditioned and can really dry you out, so I love to have a lip balm handy.

Cold sores affect almost 30 million people in the UK and dehydrating summer holiday travel, the stress of flying and increased sun exposure can be particularly problematic for sufferers. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus and once you have contracted the virus they can reappear annoyingly, often at the kick off to a holiday. A lip balm containing a highly concentrated extract of liquorice helps protect lips from cold sores during long flights and sun holidays, according to a new study carried out by the Herpes Virus Association.

I'm not a massive liquorice fan, but this one doesn't taste of it, luckily – plus anything that keeps Herpes away from my mouth is a bonus! This Liquorice Balm is available from Skin Shop at £7.95 for 30g visit www.skinshop.co.uk


This one is particularly handy if you're flying early in the morning, late at night or overnight. My one is literally a cheap one I found on a flight or in a hotel somewhere and I've kept it because you never know when you need a little shut eye. PLUS I love flying on planes as a) it makes the journey last longer and b) it helps beat jet lag!


I like landing and feeling like I'm ready to go straight to the hotel / lunch / dinner / the beach – basically just like I'm ready to go wherever. Plus everyone needs to bring a hair brush with them because, while beach waves are what we want, tangles are not. I have my handy tangle teaser (I'd never used one until recently or understood the hype before I had one but they are brilliant) that tucks away in my handbag perfectly.


Firstly, don't be an idiot, we all need suncream. Good quality sunscreen should be our first line of defence against the harmful effects of sun exposure and skin cancer. According to Cancer Research UK, malignant melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the UK, with on average 40 new cases being diagnosed every day.

My skin is daily sensitive to suncream as I'm not usually wearing it – we don't usually need it here between October and May! So I like to find myself a nice gentle one that doesn't make me break out. That's not all I found with this sun cream though… it's also feel-good!

While there are some excellent products available, not everyone has access to them and not everyone can afford them. So leading dermatologist Dr Andrew Birnie and Dutch economist David Westerbeek tasked themselves with creating a sunscreen that was both high quality and affordable, enabling consumers to protect themselves properly without breaking the bank.

From £2.00 per 100ml, Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen does just that: it affords effective sun protection at an affordable price – and at a hand-luggage friendly size too! Unlike a fancy coffee there is no elaborate packaging and no celebrity-fronted marketing campaign – there is barely any profit. What profit there is goes straight back into product development and manufacture, and proceeds from the sale of every bottle of Altruist go to Under the Same Sun and children in Africa suffering from albinism.

Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen is dispatched exclusively from Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) and for every 1-litre package of sunscreen sold, Altruist donates 50p to Under the Same Sun.


As I said before, I like to feel fresh when I get off the plane, so packing a pack of face wipes is really handy. These ones are my favourite as they're also kind to my skin – cleansing, hydrating and they smell lovely too! Simply pop them in your bag and they're ready to use whenever the need comes. Plus they're super handy if you're going on a holiday where you're going to be sweating – by the pool, going for a hike or even something like gorge walking – stay fresh easily!

So yeah. Those are my top 5 hand luggage bits. What are yours?


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