Just a couple of weeks ago, I was asked to take part in and review an obstacle course race called Muscle Acre and I said absolutely straight away without any disregard for my / my nails safety. Having already done a Survival of the Fittest race and a Tough Mudder, how bad could it really be?

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Turns out this was the muddiest obstacle course I would ever do. I also dragged Dom along – sorry!

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You can choose your distance, from 5, 10 or 15 kilometres (we went for the 10) and we lined up at the start not knowing what to expect – all we could see from the start was the first obstacle – people running up and down a hill and climbing over piles of tyres. This was definitely not going to be graceful!

I managed to lose count of how many obstacles we did – although I was told there were 47! We crawled, jumped over, rolled in, and waded through thick mud (which literally came up to my hips at one point). We climbed over wood piles and scampered under ropes, we carried sand bags and logs, and threw ourselves down water slides and, most importantly, we had a brilliant time!

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Afterwards, we were rewarded with a medal and a beer, and we then went to try and clean off as much as we could before having to travel back to London.

The shower and change facilities weren't the best, there were 4 hoses tied to a scaffold that we could rinse ourselves under, and I really wished there were more private facilities. When you have mud everywhere – and I mean EVERYWHERE – a rinse just isn't going to cut it. I borrowed (not that she wanted it back) a towel-sized wet wipe from a lovely lady and did the best I could, but we couldn't wait to get home to wash!

I hope you enjoy the before, during and after photos below!!

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We treated ourselves to another beer and a Muscle Acre burger – which was well deserved and tasted incredible! Before hopping in our uber home.

One thing I will say is that it definitely lived up to its name – our muscles ached for DAYS after that event!

Would I do it again? Not in a hurry, but definitely! It was fun to do it with Dom and I can only imagine how much fun it would be in a big group of people!


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