This months challenge was to stretch every day, and it was designed to give me a bit more time to look after myself, with the hope of increasing my flexibility. When I initially started my blog, I was at uni doing my masters a couple of years ago, and I had all the time in the world to create healthy and delicious meals, exercise daily and stretch / practice my yoga. Now I'm working full time I've realised I've had to neglect these slightly – I don't have as much time any more, so I wanted to try to make time, in the hope that it would work!
As anticipated, it wasn't a complete success! Meetings in continental Europe, long days at the office and general summer get togethers meant that July was a busy one, so I didn't manage to reach my goal of stretching every day. However, I did manage to do it a couple of times (maybe not most days but more than I used to) so I feel pretty happy about it. I also took some before and after pictures:

My hamstrings aren't as tight, my back is more flexible and my shoulders have loosened. This is one that I'm going to try to keep up.. 🙈
Next up: no chocolate in August. This is going to be tough as a) I'm a MASSIVE chocoholic and b) my birthday is in August. But hey – I said I'd challenge myself!


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