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I often find that the hardest thing about sticking to a workout routine isn’t that its too difficult, it’s that I tend to get bored by routine! Trying to make yourself exercise every day / every other day can be a chore, and it’s for this reason that a lot of people end up quitting early, and subsequently failing at their fitness goals. So, to help with this issue, here are 5 steps to keep your workout interesting and to get fit this week:

Day 1: Sort out your playlist

Some people love to listen to music while they work out, but your standard playlist just won’t cut it. Slow songs may be in the charts but they’re certainly not what you want to be listening to when you’re trying to motivate yourself to keep going! For that reason, take today to sort out your workout playlist – choose upbeat, high tempo songs to keep you going.

Day 2: Rope a mate in to join you

Get your friends involved – you’re way more likely to stick to your workout schedule if you’ve promised to meet someone. Personally, work often gets in the way of my schedule,  but if I know I’m meeting someone for a workout or going for a run with Dom, I’ll make the effort to get out on time. Take today to organise a workout meet up with your buddy.

Day 3: Little and often

This one’s simple: you don’t have to do a high intensity workout every day for 2 hours at a time, do simple things every day to keep active. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk / cycle instead of getting public transport, do heel raises when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil in the kitchen, do some squats while you wait for your shower to warm up. I won’t keep banging on, I think you get it!

Day 4: Give a game a go

Change up your workout routine and give a sport a go. Running for hours / doing the same circuit class can get boring so joining a sports team can help mix it up. It’ll also give you a bit of structure / another reason to get out of work on time! A groups of people at my work do netball every Tuesday evening in Clapham and it’s so much fun / such a good workout!

Day 5: Set goals

Finally, if you’re the competitive type, set goals for yourself to stay engaged. From running a half marathon to doing 5 pull ups to doing a triathlon to completing a full netball season. Alternatively, use fitness apps to keep you on track – the Nike+ running app gives you trophies for meeting certain goals.


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