As if we are only 4 months away from 2018. What is this madness?

I’m sure you’re all fed up with me explaining what this is all about, but if you’re new here, (firstly, welcome!) you might want to check out this blog post.

August’s challenge was one I really thought I’d fail. No chocolate for a month. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am a massive chocolate fiend. I also don’t discriminate – white, milk and dark are all welcome here!

Chocolate is part of my everyday life – I have a couple of squares (or a bar) after dinner every evening. I love it.

So anyway, the thought of giving up my daily treat scared me a little. However, I’m pleased (and surprised) to report that the month has been a success! Not one bit of cocoa / chocolate / cacao has touched my lips in the past month. I’m also pleased to report that I’ve not even been substituting it with anything – no biscuits or cheesecake or anything. My evenings have been majority sweet-treat-free. And I feel all the better for it. My skin feels clearer, my middle feels tighter (although this may also be down to the marathon training) and I’m sleeping incredibly well!

I had my first taste of chocolate this morning and OH-MY-GOD. I forgot how good it SMELLS let alone how good it tastes!!

Like my meat-free February, I think I’m going to extend this challenge. Although, again like my meat-free challenge, this will not be exclusive any more. I will of course allow myself chocolate when I want it, but it’s good to know that I don’t NEED it – whether that be after a meal or before bed.

Again, cutting something out has proven to be much easier than adding something in challenge-wise.

September’s challenge will be to prepare lunch in advance of every working day and I’m hoping that this will save more than calories (£££)! I already do this half the time, so it will be a case of making an effort to do it more often… easier said than done?


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