We all know I’ve run a few marathons (if not then you need to get following me – links are all at the bottom of the page). However, when you’re training for a race like that, you obviously need to be doing a lot of cardio. This can get quite boring. Mixing up your sessions is great – some are more suited to high intensity and some are lower intensity, but all have their own benefits.


So here are a couple of options to spice up your cardio sessions to stop you getting in a rut:


Yeah I’m going to start with this. Even though I’ve said above that running can get quite boring, there are ways you can spice up your sessions. Your options include: find a track nearby and run 400 / 800 repeats, find a hill and run 20 / 30 / 50 second repeats, find a big park or river to run along and plod along for an hour or find a nice long straight / loop and run back and forth / round and round (relay style) with a friend.


When I was younger I used to hate going for a walk, I found it boring and I couldn’t understand why you would want to go out for hours on end. Now I literally cannot get enough of them. Every time I go home I ask my parents if we can go for a walk. Find somewhere nearby with a group of friends / a buddy to aim for and go explore! Hills / woodland are incredible (and challenging) – you’ll be working your glutes without even realising it!


Dom and I tried this a couple of months ago and we loved it! Find a class nearby / ask a personal trainer to show you how to do this with a buddy in the gym and get to work. This is more high-intensity, and it’s great for working out your frustration! You won’t be leaving the gym in a bad mood!

Stair master

Get ready to get sweaty. This machine left me dripping! You can switch up your stair master workout by doing different variations – from straight climbing to side crab walks (be careful!) to alternating steps with a kick back and running up the stairs (again, be careful!)


Fancy a high intensity workout that you can take anywhere? Pack a skipping rope and just go for it! Skipping is what children do – so you know it’s fun. Skipping also burns more calories than any other cardio exercise, per minute. So grab yourself a rope and get going. Try getting your tricks in (like crossover skips or double ups) to keep it interesting and to give you a goal.

So… what cardio will you be trying out next?


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