September’s challenge was to pack my lunch for every work day – in the hope that this would save us a bit of money!

Well I am happy to announce that both Dom and I completed the challenge with flying colours 🎉

Every single weekday in September (where lunch wasn’t already supplied), we prepared our lunch in advance. The meals ranged from fancy ideas such as burrito bowls to not so fancy cheese and pickle sandwiches. But don’t worry – there’ll be a whole new post full of lunchtime meal ideas for you to sink your teeth into!

Not only that, but we also both gave up Diet Coke for a month (if you’ve ever met Dom you’ll know that’s an impossible challenge) – we did have one slip up (does rum + Coke count?) But hey! Another challenge down!

The challenge did help us save money – luckily (as you know, we’re moving soon so every penny counts)! And it also helped me realise that you don’t need hours to prepare your food – sometimes all you need is 5 minutes to build a sandwich!

It has made me think a lot more about what I’m eating – I feel more conscious about what I’m putting in my body. So although both days in October so far I have bought my lunch (hey, I’m treating myself!), I’ve got myself food made simple. Things like fresh sushi or wraps where they make them in front of you – no hidden surprises!

October’s challenge was to watch a film a night – but were 3 days in and that had already failed. I think I overestimated how much time I have in the evenings! Instead, Dom and I decided to do another food-related challenge and track our macros using the myfitnesspal app. Our aims?

Elin: 2000 calories a day: 50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein 

I’ve chosen these figures because I’ve found that I’m eating a lot recently, so I’m trying to focus on portion sizes. Also I’m finding it hard to keep my protein up being “flexitarian” so it’ll be a challenge to get it up to 20%! Although I imagine the first 2 weeks of this will be fairly carb-heavy – I do have a marathon coming up!


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