… about my marathon training. 

  1. This is my fifth marathon in 4 years, in a fifth country: I got into running a couple of years ago, mainly as a way of burning calories. My dad is probably the reason I started marathon running though (I did my first marathon before my first half marathon) – he’s my running hero (I think he’s on Marathon 27 now…). I’ve done marathons in Switzerland (Geneva), Netherlands (Rotterdam), England (London), Scotland (Edinburgh) and this one will be in Portugal (Lisbon). 
  2. I get bored of running: about 4 weeks out from a marathon I get really bored of it. I’m at the point where I’ve done my longest run and it’s just keeping my legs ticking over. I find it difficult to motivate myself to run at this point, but once I go I do enjoy it!
  3. I don’t run with music: I run to silence, I like being alone with my thoughts! I can understand training with music, but I really don’t understand those who run races with music playing / headphones in – just enjoy the atmosphere!
  4. I don’t run the full distance in training: when I’m training for a run, I never go the full distance! I usually run up to 20 miles (32km) about 4-5 weeks out from the big day and then that’s me done! I’m not running for a fast time so all I want to do is get round and enjoy it! 
  5. I gain weight:  when you run a lot, you get reaaaaaal hungry. After long runs I tend to eat a lot that day / weekend / week – to reward myself for that hard slog! So yeah, I gain weight… I know everyone says cardio makes you lose weight / skinny, so this is contrary to that belief, but when I’m marathon training I usually put on weight because I eat so much!

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