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You may have seen my post on marathon training myths – if not then go check it out. But I also wanted to share my marathon day must haves – not only the things that got me through the training, but the big day itself!

V A S E L I N E 

Never underestimate this little tub. I coat my feet in this stuff before putting my socks on. Yeah it may feel gross at first but it’s a SERIOUSLY good blister preventer. I also put it under my boobs and under my upper arms to stop chafage. 

M A R A T H O N  S O C K S

My absolute FAVOURITE running socks are like the cheapest ones you can find – get them here. They come up just enough to look real geeky, but this means they don’t come down and let your trainers rub the backs of your ankles. They’re also snug and cushioned – two things you’ll be thankful for when you’re on your feet for hours on end. 


As many of you will have noticed, I have delicate fair (very pale) skin – so I burn easily! I’ve taken to wearing a cap when I run so that I don’t have to worry about also burning my face (which was definitely a worry with race day being 29’C in Lisbon!) I like this cap from New Balance – quite simply, it does the job!

V E S T  W I T H  N A M E

Yes, yes, 100% yes. This is the best part of running in a big race – the crowd cheering you on! It’s such a massive boost to have people shouting your name and I would HIGHLY recommend doing. But don’t you dare wear headphones too – what’s the point asking people to shout for you when you can’t even hear them?!


Running is free, trainers (or the ones I get at least) are expensive. But worth it. I always recommend getting your gait measured because it lets you know how you run and what shoes will best support the way you run. I overpronate slightly – meaning I roll inwards on my feet – so I need supportive, cushioned shoes. I’ve run in loads of brands – from Asics to Adidas and Brooks. My current favourites are New Balance – I love the way they support my feet without being clunky. 

G P S  W A T C H 

In the U.K., the markers are every mile, which can feel SOOOO much longer with every step. Having a GPS watch that keeps you updated on where you are really helps! Not only that but it gives you a fairly accurate calorie burn estimate too as it takes into account height, weight, gender and age, along with distance run and heart rate. I’m currently using the Polar M200 – which I LOVE. You can see a full review here


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