Whether you work from home or in a small office, or even in the heart of a bustling city, staying healthy has its challenges. I’ve personally found that more people are trying to be healthy at work, but this is usually eating-wise, and can end with a crash into the biscuit tin. So I’ve put together some of my top tips to avoid falling off the wagon, being beaten by temptation and also improving overall health.

1. Hydrate

Drink more water. It really is that simple. Not only will it help your skin stay clear, but also keep bad breath at bay and flush toxins out of your system. I like to have two bottles on my desk at a time, so not having time to get up for a refill isn’t an excuse! This also means I can take it with me to meetings / calls without worrying about spilling. I aim to drink three litres a day – but be warned, this will mean you end up going to the bathroom a hellofalot more!

2. Move

This is something that I am guilty of myself, so I need to say this more to myself than anything. Get yourself moving. 8+ hours sat at a desk is really bad for you – it’s bad for your posture, for varicose veins, for cellulite and just general body function. Get up often – make a cup of tea / go speak to someone at the other end of the office and for goodness sake GO FOR YOUR LUNCH BREAK. Not only will this burn calories but it will refresh you psychologically too – leaving you ready to tackle the final part of the day. If you fancy getting an activity tracker, get one like the Garmin vivosport – which gives you notifications to Move! if you sit still for too long.

3. Resist 

You heard – resist the biscuit tin. Obviously if you really want one then by all means go for it, but if you’ve already had 6 this morning, maaaayyybe lay off. Get yourself some healthy snacks and fill your desk drawer with them to ensure you’re always ready for when those hunger pangs strike. Think fruit and nut mix, rice cakes (salt and balsamic vinegar ones or chocolate topped ones are a personal favourite) and nut butter to jazz up those bananas / apples in the fruit bowl.

4. Prep

Prepping your meals in advance will enable you to keep on track of what you’re eating. Make yourself a smoothie or some overnight porridge to take with you on your commute, and get yourself some lunch boxes to fill with goodies. Think chicken (or quorn chicken), veggies and rice / fish cakes and salad / halloumi fajita wraps.

5. Relax

I work full time as well as well as train for marathons / exercise 3-4 times a week as well as blog + Instagram as often as I can. Safe to say sometimes I slow myself down to avoid burning up at both ends. Don’t end up suffering because your work is making you anxious / keeping you up at night. Make sure you’re looking after yourself. Go to the gym to burn off your frustrations / treat yourself to a massage to loosen your muscles and please try not to take your work home with you / work at the weekend. Nowadays we’re online all the time and it can be hard, but switching off may be the best thing you do for yourself.


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