Running is my favourite way to exercise (shock). However, I can understand why so many people hate it – believe me, I used to myself! I used to find it difficult, boring, uncomfortable and I did it to burn calories, not for enjoyment. But here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years that have taught me to love running:

1. Relax: and take it easy. You’re not Mo Farah so why are you trying to go his pace? Go at a slower than you need to pace and just take your time.

2. Form: Take time to appreciate how your body feels and how your body moves. Do you kick yourself? Lean forward too much? Do your shins hurt or your glutes feel tight? Put in the time to correct these and running will feel so much easier!

3. Challenge: It’s always good to challenge yourself and try something new. Why not join a running club, go to your local parkrun or sign up for a race? Give yourself something to train for.

4. Socialise: Make it a social event and run with a friend or group of friends. Besides, it’s much harder to cancel a training session when you know you’ve promised to go with someone.

5. Route: Use the opportunity to explore new areas – I get bored very easily so I need to keep myself entertained on a run. Explore the woodland, a new park or take the train somewhere and run back. Plus it takes your mind off it when you’re having to concentrate where you’re going!


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