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I’ve been a fan of CLIF bars for a couple of years now – they’re nutritious and great for snacking on – be it at your desk or on a hike.

For those of you who have never heard of CLIF – they make nutritious and wholesome foods that fuel adventures and that are good for the planet.

I was asked to review a couple of their products (obviously I said yes, as I said before – I’m a fan!!) and I was pleasantly surprised to try out their new products (chocolate mint / chocolate chip anyone?!).


The new products are delicious, well balanced and actually a great replacement for the biscuit tin – they’re filling and actually taste nice (and not like kale)!

I was also surprised to find out they do energy + protein bars – great for during exercise (energy blocks that are like undiluted jelly and gels that are perfect for long runs) and after exercise (protein bars that aren’t just chewy and actually taste nice, not like protein powder mushed up!!)


Environmental statement: 

On a journey towards sustainability, the company works diligently to reduce its environmental footprint in all areas of the business from the field to the final product. CLIF Bar is guided by five core principles to sustain its people, brands, business, community and the planet.

Website: http://www.clifbar.co.uk/



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