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I’ve been asking myself this question recently.. why do I exercise? Why do I make myself go out early in the morning before work, or brave the darkness after work get a sweat on? Sometimes I leave work bang on time and rush across London just to go to a fitness class… but WHY?

I don’t think anyone could give just one answer to this question, so I’ve decided to jot down a list of why I exercise. No one reason is more important than another, in fact I think all the reasons put together is probably why!

  1. Endorphins – I just love that post workout high that leaves me feeling invincible and blissful
  2. Body confidence – since starting Kayla’s BBG a couple of years ago, my self confidence has rocketed! I used to be self conscious about what my body looked like and now I just love it and am so proud of what it can do!
  3. Mental health – exercise is a great de-stressor, I read once that thinking about stressful situations gives you an elevated heart rate and sweaty palms, but when you exercise and think about stressful situations, you attribute those things to the exercise, which gives you a clearer mind and less anxiety. Whether that’s true for everyone I don’t know.. but it certainly works for me!
  4. Body shape – I’d be lying if I said toning up wasn’t on my priority list, it helps me feel more comfortable in my clothes (cause who really wants to spendĀ more money on jeans?!) and more confident overall
  5. Achievement – the sense of achievement and pride you get from setting yourself a goal and then smashing it 3, 6 or 12 months later is second to none. Want to feel good about yourself? Get out your pen and paper and then work hard to make it happen!

What about you? Why do you exercise?


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