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Okay so I’ll kick this off with a little straight up fact – there is no magic cure for weightloss. It’s down to consistency with diet and exercise. That said, if your goal is to lose weight, then I think firstly you need to think about why you want to lose weight – is it for health reasons? So you can run faster? For aesthetic reasons? Any of these are completely fine. What you want to do with your body is up to you – just make sure you’re doing it for you.

Okay – to the fun bit: tips for weightloss over Christmas…

1. Target your glutes by squeezing them nice and tight every time you bend down to pick up a decoration for the tree

2. Then reach up high on your toes to hang said decoration on the tree (keeping your core tight as you go)

3. Work those biceps by curling quality street chocolates to your mouth from the tin – 15 on each arm should be plenty

4. Get an ab workout in by taking it in turns to tell bad Christmas cracker jokes and rolling around laughing

5. Up your cardio by dancing around to Christmas songs

6. Target your shoulders by doing lateral raises with prosecco – make sure you bring the glass right up to horizontal before you bring it close to take a sip!

7. Get that heart rate up by taking a nice brisk walk (preferably finishing at the pub)

8. Finally, work your chest by throwing Christmas presents to recipients (gently)

In all seriousness, if you do want to exercise (I find it helps clear my head and it makes me feel great at all times of the year) then please do go ahead. Just don’t exercise because you feel guilty about how much you’ve eaten / how little you’ve exercised. Take this time to enjoy yourself and be with family.


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