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I find that talking about New Years Resolutions can be quite touchy – but I find that resolutions to be a great way of motivating myself.

I thought I would share with you some of my new years resolutions for 2018 (to be completely honest I’ve not really thought about them, I’ve literally just sat down to type them out!)

They’re quite broad (as I said – I’ve not really thought of them) so they will be refined / shaped at some point, but here is my starting point:

Get Fit

In 2017 I ran 2 marathons. And neither went to plan. Although I’d ‘trained’ for both, I’ve been lazy with my fitness, kidding myself into thinking that I’m doing more than I am and ‘treating myself’ too often (usually days at a time!)

Next year, I want to get back to as fit as I was before I started a full time office job (or attempt to at least)! I’m back on Kayla’s BBG workout plan and I’m determined to feel fit and confident again!

Going Vegan

Calm down – I’m not going completely vegan, I just want to try it at some point! Either for a two week block, or a day a week. Even though I’m almost exclusively pescatarian (no meat, just fish) at the moment, I do want to continue cutting down my meat / fish consumption. I think it would help me be more creative with my meals, but also I know it’s good for the planet – which is important to me. I will still eat meat occasionally (about once a month or if I go to someone’s house and they’ve cooked me meat I won’t refuse it!)

Digital Detox

I’m going to set myself the goal to stop scrolling first thing in the morning (my phone is usually the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at at night). In 2018 I will also be challenging myself to really make an effort to put my phone away when I’m with people! Hopefully I’ll sleep better, become more connected on a personal level with those I love, and generally more switched on to what’s going on around me (pun intended).

More Pictures

In a slight contrast to the above, I want to make sure I take more pictures next year – I want to be able to look back on what happened / where I was / who I was with. Both Dom and I have cameras and iPhones, so really this shouldn’t be a problem – but I have this thing where I just enjoy what’s going on (which I love) – but then I can’t look back / share it!

Planet Friendly

As everyone who knows me knows, I am obsessed with David Attenborough (as most people are!) so I fell in love with Blue Planet 2. But it also broke my heart. The damage we are causing to the environment is ridiculous. I studied a bit about environmental impact of humans during my degrees, but I’ve always turned the other way when it comes to my own / my work’s practice! in 2018 I will be eating a more plant based diet, reducing my plastic consumption and making conscious decisions. I also want to expand this consciousness to cleaning products and beauty products! Any tips, please drop them below! I am also going to ensure that I try new recipes using local and seasonal ingredients.

Family Time

Living away from home has really opened my eyes to just how much I love and value my parents. They are hilarious, brilliant, kind and have done so much for me. I always make them my priority when I come home – which usually means missing out on social occasions, but it’s worth it! I want to continue doing this in 2018 – aiming to see them once a month, and calling / FaceTiming them a couple of times a week!

Do More

This year, I feel like weekends have been a blur – they’ve whizzed past with all the marathon training I tried to do!

This year, I’m not doing a marathon, for the first time since 2013 – and I’m going to make the most of my weekends, visiting friends / family, exploring London with Dom and trying out new restaurants. Essentially I want to spend more time with those I love.

Hopefully these resolutions have inspired you to make some changes in the upcoming year!

Elin x


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