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I love winter… up until Christmas! From the New Year I always find it hard to motivate myself to keep going – now it’s just cold and wet with nothing to look forward to!!

These are the things that motivate me to keep going in the winter months:

1. Find the time that works for you

Everyone is different – and I even change depending on the time of year! In the summer I prefer to get it over and down with in the morning, but in the winter I’m an evening exerciser! It’s important to figure out what works best for you so you don’t end up skipping the session every time!


2. Set your goals

Why are you doing this? There are plenty of reasons – to get fit? To run a marathon? For your mental health and wellbeing? Get this cracked and it makes things easier. I also like to pin up my goal and cross off my workouts on a calendar to hold me accountable.

3. Kit up

Make sure you’ve got the right gear to be heading out in the cold if you’re going for a walk or run – make sure you get yourself some good socks and gloves, I personally can’t run in the cold without my headband because my ears get so cold! It’s also a good idea to layer up with long sleeves and thermal leggings


4. Make it social

I’ve found myself some cracking girls at work who share my passion for fitness and working out – we run home together, or schedule classes for after work. Not only does this do wonders for your work-life balance as it forces you out of the office, but it also makes it harder to cancel – especially if you’ve paid for a class!

5. Reward yourself

Give yourself something to dream of while you’re working your socks off! I love to come home to a hot bubble bath, a cheeky glass of wine or a nice comfort food like a warming risotto!


As a side note – I just wanted to say thank you to Regatta who very kindly sent me these pieces for feature on my blog. I have literally worn this jacket every day since I received it – I’m in LOVE and could not recommend it highly enough!!! Links below to the kit I’m wearing:


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