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The last couple of weeks (well, months) have all been go, go, go. Since well before the run up to Christmas (I’m talking late September), I have had something booked pretty much every weekend. Now I’m not saying I’ve not been enjoying myself, because I sure have, but sometimes we just need a day to ourselves to gather our thoughts, do a bit of life min and practice self love and care. These are my favourite kind of days.

This is my typical relaxing Sunday at the moment – or I’ll occasionally book an annual leave day just for myself – because yes, I do that.

I’ll usually start with some form of activity – if I’m not feeling like a high intensity workout or run, then that’ll usually mean a walk or some yoga. As the weather was pretty grim, I decided to stay in and work on my bendy-ness in this super soft YOGINI print top from Blossom Yoga Wear.


The top is short sleeved, really ridiculously soft and loose-fitting. I did also wear it to a spin class and confirm that the sweat definitely shows up on the grey top – not that that was a shock, but it’s definitely more suited for low impact workouts. Enter a caption


I love yoga – not only does it allow me to physically look after my muscles and joints (and after this pretty full on week of workouts, it’s definitely needed today!) but also psychologically – it allows me to switch off and just focus on being in the moment. Focus on my breath, balance and how the stretch feels… nothing else.


I’ll then treat myself to a nice relaxing bubble bath – using a muscle soak bubble foam and usually a bath bomb too! I’ll have my spotify playing in the background and read (carefully) or just sit there and relax.

Before getting back into my PJs – because, why not? – I spend some time on my skin (which I never usually have time to do – during the week I’m more of a water and soap kind of girl!). I like to get my best products out and really treat myself to a pamper – simply cleansing and moisturising until I’m satisfied. I’m naturally very pale, so if I’m feeling a bit translucent / vampire-ish then I’ll coat myself in a layer of tan to feel more human.


Then, I get back into my PJs, put the radio or TV on and just relaxxxx (big thanks to Mumma for the bear jumper – the most comfy jumper I own).


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Side note: I’ve left out a lot of the life admin / housework here – things like emails, blog post writing, cooking, washing and hoovering. They definitely happen first thing – but they didn’t quite fit the feel I was going for here!


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