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Towards the end of last year, we started asking ourselves what our New Years Resolutions would be. We (likely) started the year with a fuzzy head and, sure, that made it harder to stick to those resolutions.

You tell yourself you’ll start “next Monday”, as most people do when trying to commit to something new, but how many days do you waste waiting for the perfect moment to start? Spoiler: there is no perfect moment.


Just wanted to quickly give a quick shoutout to the Proskins leggings I was sent to feature in this blog post – they are incredible. They are super high waisted, long black leggings that completely smooth your silhouette. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re great for circulation as they’re compression leggings, PLUS they’re advertised as ‘clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of cellulite’! They contain a range of ingredients such as retinol, aloe vera and caffeine – which all supplement the leggings and your legs.


As I’m sure you’re sick of hearing, making changes to your diet and fitness is a lifestyle change. There is no quick fix for losing weight or toning up – I wish I could tell you there was.

So why not start today? Sure, it’s a Saturday, but that gives you free time to do a food shop to get you off on the right foot. Maybe get yourself a recipe book? Fill your basket with fresh produce and whole grains. Re-evaluate your gym membership – do you even need one? Is there a better gym closer to work? Can you workout at home? Would you like a personal trainer or to download an exercise guide that tells you what to do?

I’m currently doing Kayla Itsines Sweat app – an online version of her incredible ebook. You get workouts, recipes and access to the community, to name some of the benefits. I’m paying £15 a month for it and absolutely loving it (even if I am a bit sore while writing this).


Me? One of my personal New Years Resolutions is to lose weight and tone up, so if it’s yours too, I’m right here with you! We’re in the same boat. I woke up on New Year’s Day with a fuzzy head like most people. But just get going when you can. You won’t regret starting now, you may regret waiting for the perfect moment and ending up with the same resolution next year…



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