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When I heard that Alice Liveing (aka Clean Eating Alice – the original fitness blogger) was launching her own fitness line, I was excited to see what it looked it. When I heard it was in partnership with Primark (I’m Welsh so it’s pronounced pree-mark just FYI), I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

We’ve all seen it before, SO many influencers (yeah I hate that word, too) launch their own line of skincare / clothes / makeup / homeware (select which applies) and then charge £££ for it so I have MASSIVE respect for Alice for teaming up with an affordable brand like Primark.


Onto the kit – the sports bra? £5. The leggings? £8. Yep – £13 for the whole outfit. I was giddy with excitement. The quality of the clothes? Amazing.

The sports bra came with a little padded bit for your boobies to help cover up nips (I personally don’t like these so quickly discarded). In terms of sizing, the range is true to size (I’m a 10 so wear a size 10), although I would say that the sports bra isn’t the most forgiving so if you’re um-ing and ah-ing I would go a size up.


The leggings are amazing. The only thing I would add if I could is a pocket (for keys / cards etc) but other than that they’re brilliant. High waisted, long length and a super comfortable waistband. The pattern on both items is also just beaut.

Would I recommend? Yes.

Any final statements? BRB just off to buy the rest of the collection.


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