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I want to do everything. And when I can’t, it upsets me, even though I know that it’s physically impossible to do everything all the time!

I’m sometimes asked how I manage to fit it all in: a full time job, blogging, fitness / marathon training, Instagramming (believe me it takes a lot more effort than you first think!), getting enough sleep and about a million other little things that I do. The reality is that when I’m acing one area of my life, it’s likely another is taking the hit. Recently, work, sleep and training have taken priority and I’ve not been as inspired with my blogging, so I know I’m neglecting it!


No Questions Stripe Midi Skirt from Tobi | Top from H&M | ankle boots from Debenhams

It’s also frustrating that when I do put the effort in and subsequently get invited to events, I more often than not have to say no as they take place during the working week and I can’t take any time off (especially at such short notice)!

Another example is that recently I’ve been going to social events (shock horror, I know) – the more I agree to go to, the more I see my friends and my social life flourishes (rarely, very rarely) which is great – we’re all social beings and even stay-at-home people like me like being around people sometimes, but this means that my sleep and sense of routine suffer – and that doesn’t bode well for me!

As the nights get lighter I look forward to going out for dinner / drinks along the river, which will no doubt mess up my schedule again! It’s a balancing act for sure!


I’ve managed to strike a good balance that suits me for now, at the moment my priority is my work, and I build in my training schedule around this. I’ve also been great at prioritising my sleep (getting about 8 hours a night), and we schedule taking blog / Instagram photos on weekends (when I actually get to see daylight!)

The clothes in this post are by Tobi – an online shop I’d not heard of before, but the clothes are beauuuutiful! I’ll definitely be back!!

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