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As you may or may not know, this year I’ve decided to give myself a break from long distance running. By long distance running, I mean marathon running. I’ve now done 5 – Geneva, Rotterdam, London, Edinburgh and Lisbon. The last two took place last year and I just felt like I’d lost my mojo. I wasn’t motivated to run, I wasn’t enjoying the training and neither of them went to plan (both were over 4:30) – they were tough! I found myself training less, eating more, struggling more in my workouts and just generally bored.


So, as I said, I’m taking a break. I’m trying new things and finding my fitness mojo again. I kick-started 2018 by doing Kayla Itsines BBG again, via the Sweat app, which is £15 a month – see my review here. I’m still doing the workouts (albeit sporadically) and I’m also mixing it up with some classes.


London has the best range of classes I’ve ever heard of – from spinning to boxing, barre to HIIT, pilates to rowing and so much more! I’m currently enjoying Classpass (they had an intro offer of 10 classes for £31 – how could I resist?!) and I’m really loving the range of classes I’ve now got access to!


So far this year I’ve been exercising 4-6 times a week (!!) and loving it. And that’s the main point – I’m enjoying it again!

Don’t worry dad, I’m not completely giving up on running – I’m still doing the Cardiff half in October, but I’ve got plenty of time to get back up to running speed between now and then!

Outfit details: 

Every item in this post is New Balance (yes – even that incredible jacket!!) – and I am obsessed with their new stuff! I love the monochrome outfit with the splash of colour!!

I couldn’t find all the links, but here are those I could:



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