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This year I’ve tried to mix it up by taking advantage of the many boutique gyms on offer in London – not only does having an instructor mean you don’t have to stand in the gym for 15 minuted planning out what you’re going to do, but also it’s kept me excited about training.

Many of these gyms do incredible intro offers, so if you’re looking to give them a go, definitely look out for these!

The gym classes I’ve done most of are spin classes – though these can certainly vary depending on where you go! So I thought I’d do a round up of the ones I’ve tried below. If you like this blog post, and would like to see more like this then leave me a comment below!



  • Location: Mortimer St, Canary Wharf & Shoreditch
  • Intro offer: 2 credits (classes) for £20
  • Style of class: The workout combines spin with full body and arm exercises.  Combining speed work with power, and choreography with weights, you’ll work your entire body – and have fun in the process. Instead of racing or riding to RPMs (rotation per minute), here you ride in sync with each other and the music. The instructors are great at motivating you to push you beyond your limits and you’ll ride to playlists that have been handcrafted with the help of Dj’s and music industry experts, from hip hop, electronic, and house to rock and R&B.
  • Style of gym: Luxe! It’s white, sleek, modern and beautiful.
  • Other classes on offer: Barre, HIIT & yoga
  • Benefits: Sweat towels and cleats are provided free of charge. Changing rooms contain free lockers and shower towels. The showers are stocked with the best Sachajuan products and there are also hairdryers, straighteners and deodorant (along with tampons, hair ties and moisturiser) so you can leave feeling good as new!

BOOM cycle

  • Location: Holborn, Hammersmith, Battersea & Monument
  • Intro offer: 3 rides for £29
  • Style of class: Dubbed as “the ultimate party on a bike experience”, the class is a full body workout. The lights are turned down low, the music up high and the energetic instructors are incredible.
  • Style of gym: Modern, with an urban feel (exposed cement and metal stools)
  • Other classes on offer: n/a
  • Benefits: Sweat towels and cleats are provided free of charge. Changing rooms contain free lockers and shower towels. The showers are stocked with the REN toiletry products and contain Dyson Hair Dryers (FANCY!)


  • Location: Richmond, Oxford, Moorgate & Blackfriars
  • Intro offer: 3 credits (classes) for £20
  • Style of class: Their standard class, Ride, is different to the above – in that it creates a virtual you in a virtual scene on the big screen – so you can see where you are in the pack. It focuses on RPM and gear level – it’s quite stat heavy so those of you who are math geeks will love it. They also have a class called Beat, which I believe is similar to those above (riding to music), although this isn’t available at all locations.
  • Style of gym: Sleek, stylish and modern.
  • Other classes on offer: HIIT
  • Benefits: Sweat towels and cleats are provided free of charge. Changing rooms contain free lockers and shower towels. The showers are stocked with the Cowshed toiletry products and contain Dyson / GHD hairdryers and GHD straighteners!

Ride Republic

  • Location: Fulham
  • Intro offer: n/a
  • Style of class: Similar to Digme, this class focuses on your RPM and gear, and it shows a real-time leaderboard (Burn Board) to keep you motivated to overtake the person above you (which you can opt out of if you’re not feeling competitive). Set in a club like atmosphere, the dark lights and motivating instructors will get you working HARD.
  • Style of gym:
  • Other classes on offer: Core, yoga & HIIT
  • Benefits: Sweat towels and cleats are provided free of charge – PLUS they give you a nice, cold wet cloth during the cycle (towards the end) to help keep you cool. Changing rooms contain free lockers and shower towels. The showers are stocked with the Bamford bath and body products – so you’ll leave smelling sweet no matter how hard you work!

Core Collective

  • Location: Kensington
  • Intro offer: n/a (although you also have to pay to rent cleats)
  • Style of class: Again, this spin class focuses on working your entire body. Lose yourself in the music as you push through the climb, saddle up in the sprint. The class also uses live metrics and individual performance tracking tools to ensure you’re working hard!
  • Style of gym: Boutique – you wouldn’t even know it was a gym until you go downstairs – the upstairs is simply a healthy cafe!
  • Other classes on offer: Circuit, lift + row, TRX, Pilates, yoga and more!
  • Benefits: Sweat towels are provided free of charge, plus the changing rooms contain Bamford bath and body products, free lockers and shower towels.


  • Location: Chelsea
  • Intro offer: n/a
  • Style of class: The class that is designed to feel like a house party – a darkened room, disco lights and a sound system that wouldn’t sound out of place at a festival! The energetic instructor will have you moving and grooving in your saddle while you are burning up the calories.
  • Style of gym: Beautifully designed with a relaxing atmosphere. Not just a workout space, KXU also offers a nutrition bar and a spa!
  • Other classes on offer: Choose from strength (boxing, TRX, you name it!), cardio (HIIT, barre) or stretch (more types of yoga class than you can shake a stick at!)
  • Benefits: Free sweat and shower towels, free lockers and even hands free water stations!

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