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Although I absolutely love the longer sunlight hours we get with the summer season, I can’t deny that I’m more of a cold weather running girl. That being said, I do love being able to run in vests and not having to worry about how many layers are needed!

I find running in the summer quite difficult – I find that I overheat quite quickly, can get irritable with tiny flies and suncream in the eyes really is a buggar!

So Dom and I have a couple of races coming up in the autumn: a 10KM race in September and a half marathon in October – therefore summer training is going to be inevitable!


I feel like I can’t be the only person on the planet that suffers with this, so I wanted to share my (tried and tested) tips for surviving summer running:

  1. Go early – get out there before the sun’s managed to properly get its hat on – that way the heat won’t be too uncomfortable.
  2. Get shady – don’t go somewhere that’s completely exposed, you’ll overheat instantly! Find a nice park / path lined with trees for a cooler running route.
  3. Hydrate – stay safe and make sure you’re taking on enough water – nobody wants to finish a run feeling ill!
  4. Protect your skin – this one is simple, just don’t be an idiot. Get a sporty suncream that can withstand sweat (at a proper factor level – I go for 50+) and make sure you protect yourself.
  5. Save your eyes from the fliesĀ – like I said above, flies going in my eyes really frustrates me and can really put me off my stride. The best way to protect yourself from this? Some running shades! These ones by sungod are my new go-to favourites – see why below.



I’m not usually a run-in-sunnies kind of girl, because they tend to fall off! These, however, are very different. They not only fit my head without squeezing, but they also offer 100% UV protection and scratch resistance.

You can fully customise your sungod sunnies so if you fancy black frames with green lenses, go for it. If you want tortoise shell frames with blue lenses, go for it! You can design your own pair here

Personally I went for matte clear frames and pink 4KO lenses. I went for the polarised 4KO lenses that gives you enhanced optical clarity.

They’re also matte – so don’t feel all greasy / slippy (even when I’m dripping in sweat / sweating off my suncream) and lightweight, so they’re super comfortable to wear while running.

Would I recommend sungod sunnies? YES. Get on the website, design your own pair and fall in love with them.


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  1. July 7, 2018 / 9:21 am

    I too prefer running during winters but it is essential to go for a jog during summers as well. But recently I suffered a ligament injury while working out in the gym. Nursing it and hope to get back stronger.

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