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Well we’ve not had one of these for a while have we?

I feel like I’ve been quiet on both my Instagram and on here recently! I can only apologise – it’s been a massively busy couple of weeks (or months). I’ve got a couple of blog posts coming up soon so I wanted to kick them off with a nice life update.

First up, work has been keeping me busy! For those of you who don’t know, I work full time doing communications for pharmaceutical companies (this varies from corporate comms to product launches to disease awareness campaigns!) Its been really busy recently, so it’s been difficult to find the time to actually have a life, let alone blog about it or take pictures!

Secondly, but still on the topic of work, I’ve moved central! Our company used to be based in Richmond, but we’re now at Chancery Lane – it’ll be interesting to see how that affects my life / fitness / blogging regime…!

(I’m going to stop numbering them now)

Dom and I have got back on the running hype and we’ve got a bunch of races lined up – Tough Mudder with team Trek in July, Kew 10K in September, Cardiff Half in October and the Paris Marathon next April! It’s Dom’s first marathon so we’ll definitely be training properly (unlike my last one!!)

I’ve also got some great event and product reviews coming your way (sorry – I’ve not got round to writing them yet but they are coming!!) – from the new Fitbit Adidas Ionic smart tracker to the great BE 3 wireless sport earphones by NuForce.

I’ve also continued to use ClassPass to mix up my training – and I’m in love! So many incredible classes like UN1T to Sweat It right at your fingertips! If you’re London based (or anywhere else where it’s been set up), I would highly recommend looking into it! You pay for credits and then you use those credits to book classes.

Finally, I’m going to try and put out a blog post a week from now on – there’ll be some training updates, chatty blog posts and product reviews. Anything else you’d like to see? Drop me a note in the comment section!


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