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Last week I went to an influencer wellness event at Maggie’s in Charing Cross Hospital.
I came out of the event totally inspired and wanted to share more information about them!
For those of you who don’t know, Maggie’s provides free practical, emotional and social support to people for anyone and everyone affected by cancer.
The Centres are places where patients and their friends and family can find practical advice about benefits and eating well, where qualified experts provide emotional support, where patients and family / friends can meet other people in similar situations, or simply where they can sit quietly with a cup of tea.
The night we were here we enjoyed some calming yoga and goodies supplied by Pod and Squirrel foods.
They are located in the grounds of NHS cancer hospitals all over the country and they’re growing their network rapidly – they said 3 centres have been springing up a year! The National Cancer Survivorship Initiative Report by the Department of Health in 2013 highlighted their unique approach to cancer care as example of best practice and their work has also been commended by the NHS Cancer Plan, NICE and the Cancer Reform Strategy.
If you, your loved ones or someone you know have been affected by cancer, I’d highly recommend finding your nearest Maggie’s and popping in for a cuppa, a chat or just some quiet alone time.
All of their Centres are designed by top architects – you can see some of them on the map here. The buildings are beautiful and designed to be as far from the clinical feel of the next-door hospitals as possible. The spaces are incredibly calming and have a real home-feel to them. From little touches like small rugs in the toilets to cleverly designed rooms where you can’t even see the hospital. It really feels like somewhere you can go to just get away from the devastation of it all and breathe properly.
I would urge you to take a look at their website – even if it’s just to take a look at the beautiful centres – and, if you’re interested, you can check out the different ways you can help out – from individual volunteering, to corporate partnerships and cycling the Maggie’s to Maggie’s challenge (anyone fancy cycling for 4 days to Scotland?!)



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