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I was lucky enough to be offered a place doing Tough Mudder as part of TeamTrek – and it was incredible!

Having done and loved a Tough Mudder previously, I jumped at the opportunity – and dragged Dom along with me. And you can take it from him – as someone who had no intention of ever doing a Tough Mudder, he thoroughly enjoyed it and even encourages others to give it a go!

So – what is a Tough Mudder? It’s a 10 mile obstacle course. And it’s way more fun than it sounds.

A picture truly does speak a thousand words – so instead of trying to remember and explain every obstacle – I’m just going to post my favourites below!

If you have any questions – feel free to pop them below! I would highly recommend Tough Mudder to anyone – old / young / fit / slow / couch potato – you’ll love it.


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