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Okay so this is a slightly different blog post, but one that I feel I need. So I decided to write.

I work at a health communications agency called Virgo Health based in London – we do internal / corporate / product / disease awareness campaigns and communications for pharmaceutical companies, and for me work has been really busy recently (especially with an event and a launch within 1 week of each other!) – and it’s probably going to keep steaming ahead until the new year!

So here are the top 6 things that have helped keep me sane so far – if you’ve got any more, let me know below!

  1. make a list: I find work so much more manageable when I’ve got a to do list for the day. List out your urgent “must be done today” tasks and check them off one by one. P.S – that big job you’ve been putting off… just get it done!
  2. break it up: you’re given an hour lunch break but if you’re like me then you don’t take it and you eat at your desk. Try to get outside – even if it’s just for a 15 minute walk – not only does this help with headspace, it also boosts productivity!
  3. keep up the exercise: make sure you keep up the regular routine – and that includes stress-busting exercise!
  4. sleep it off: prioritise your health – and that means making sure you get your 7-8 hour sleep per night. If you’re working hard, you need to make sure your body and mind have time to recover.
  5. treat yourself: buy yourself something pretty / go out for drinks or dinner with your other half / bake some brownies – whatever makes you feel more like ‘you’!
  6. make the most of your down time: weekends are my saviours. I know it must seem boring to some people to not have plans, but it’s how I take care of myself! To relax, I’ll go for a walk, catch up on zzz or stay in bed all day watching netflix. Make sure your days off are spent looking after you.
  7. don’t beat yourself up: if you (like me) end up letting something slip / sacrificing a night out with friends to catch up on sleep, don’t feel guilty about it. Do what you need to do – put yourself first!

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  1. November 5, 2018 / 12:17 pm

    Oh I loved this – I’ve actually just left a very stressful job, but when I was having a rough time, I used pretty much all of these tips. My colleagues always looked at me like I was crazy when I’d run home after a late evening at the office – but that’s exactly what I needed to re-charge and decompress!

    • livelyel
      November 5, 2018 / 12:19 pm

      Thank you! Yep – luckily I’m not the only one in my office who exercises to de-stress, but I used to be!

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