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Recently I’ve been really shit at social media. I’ve not been posting pictures on Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat like I used to – and it’s felt great.

It wasn’t a conscious decision – in fact, there was a time not too long ago when I would be seriously stressing out if I hadn’t posted for a few days. It was more a lack of time, energy, availability to take photos and generally just focusing on other things – like actually enjoying your meal instead of posting about it.

It wasn’t a formal ‘digital detox’ – which can range from turning your phone off completely to just turning off notifications. For me, it was scrolling when I want to (and when I’m not spending time with people), not posting if I didn’t have anything to talk about – basically, just not forcing it.

And you know what? It feels amazing.

Prior to this, I was feeling overwhelmed with work, half marathon training / exercising, social media and enjoying my social life. This relaxed approach to social media gave me back my headspace. I feel like I’m able to spend proper quality time with those I love, offering them my full attention, without any distractions. I’m reading more, my training is more focused on what’s needed and how my body feels, rather than where the best place for a photo would be.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be back posting again, but I want to ensure I regularly give myself time out from social media. This doesn’t necessarily mean full weeks at a time and deleting my apps – it could just be as simple as leaving my phone at home when we go out to the pub, and continuing to enjoy meals / time with family and friends without the need to document it online!

The most recent iOS update includes a screen time tracker which tracks your screen time (how much you use your phone), the apps you use the most and you can set reminders / time limits! I’d highly recommend taking a look and setting yourself goals (e.g. 2 hours phone usage a day)



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