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2017 was a tough one for me in terms of running – I ran two marathons and struggled with both of them. I didn’t train properly and both were over 27 degrees celsius, so I also struggled with the heat. 2018 I took the year off marathon training and feel much better for it – I must have been forcing it too much and running just wasn’t as fun as it was before.

Now, however, I’ve got the running bug again! I’m well and truly excited about some of the fitness events we’ve got coming up this year (yes, I’m dragging Dom along with me this time!)

So let’s get into it:


First up, we have the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run, which is in it’s fifth year. The route looks absolutely amazing – it starts in Trafalgar Square, takes you through the usually bustling centre of London to St Paul’s Cathedral and finishes in Whitehall (by Downing St). It sounds a lot of fun – not only do you get a snow blast at the start, but you also get given your medals by polar bears (not real ones don’t worry!)


I finally managed to get Dom to agree to run a marathon! We wanted to find a nice scenic  route that’s not hilly and will have great crowds so Dom get’s a great first experience – and the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris just fit the bill! Not only that, buuuut…


Two weeks later we’ll also be running the unforgettable London Marathon – one of the best in the world!! Now this one we’re incredibly excited for – we were offered an amazing opportunity to run the London Marathon by Holiday Inn and, even though we already had Paris lined up, we just couldn’t say no! So we’ll be running two marathons two weeks apart… I’m sure it’ll be absolutely fine! We’ve already started training and so far, so good – look out for our training updates in the weeks to come! Is there anything you’d like to know about marathon training in particular? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to get back to you!


If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll already know about this, but we’re also taking part (and hopefully completing) in the Prudential RideLondon – a 100 mile cycling challenge – for Macmillan. We’re doing it in memory of Dom’s uncle Dave, who sadly passed away last summer, was a really keen cyclist (he had completed RideLondon multiple times), and was looked after by Macmillan . If you’d like to read more about why we’re doing it, read this blog post, and if you’re interested in donating any money towards this cause then follow this link (thank you!!)


This one hasn’t been confirmed yet – we’re looking into it, but basically if you complete the London Marathon, RideLondon and Swim Serpentine, you get a special London Classics medal. Swim Serpentine is a two mile swim in the Serpentine in Hyde Park in London and it looks bloody cold and tough. But it does seem like too good an opportunity to pass up on – why not eh? Thoughts on this? Have you done it before?


So I’m not quite sure how this situation has come about – there I was minding my own business, happily not running marathons and now all of a sudden I’m signed up to two in fairly rapid succession. I’m not sure what’s gotten into me, but I’m actually quite excited about the prospect. Needless to say, all of this extremely long-distance training is quite new to me but after roughly six weeks of official training, I’m really enjoying it. I’ll be popping up from time to time on here to share my perspectives as a marathon novice. Please try not to enjoy my suffering too much!

What events have you got coming up this year? Any we need to add to our list?


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