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Last Sunday, Dom and I took on our first organised run of 2019 – the Cancer Research UK winter run series in London.

As you’ll know if you’ve been following the blog, Dom and I are also taking part in not one, but two marathons in April, so we decided to make the 10KM run part of a longer training run. In total, we ran over 27KM on Sunday – and finished it off with a pint at our local pub 🙌🏼

Back to the race itself. I was expecting big things, because I’d seen the route online – but it exceeded my expectations!

I work near Chancery Lane – and we ran past my building, along roads I run down every week. But it was completely different having the road to yourself!

Running around the city of London, past St Paul’s and through Trafalgar Square truly is an incredible experience! I couldn’t recommend this race enough.

Not only the route, but the crowds and music stations were also brilliant – who doesn’t want to run past and high five a pack of wolves (not real ones don’t worry PETA) while Who Let The Dogs Out is blasting on the stereo?

One thing I did think could be improved is the wave start – I’m assuming you are assigned waves based on your estimated finish time, but they weren’t stuck to. So, although we weren’t going for PBs, we did have to overtake a lot of walkers straight from the start. Walking in a race is not an issue, it’s just that you can tire yourself out really easily when you’re having to weave as much as we did.

All in all, the race was great – if you have the pleasure of being in London next year, I would, honestly, highly recommend it!

Disclosure: our entries into the CRUK winter run series were kindly gifted.


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