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After a pretty wet December alcohol-wise – I’m pretty sure I drank every day (which if I’m actually being honest, I’m quite proud of!) I decided to give Dry January another go, purely to challenge myself.

So – here’s an update on how I found it.

CONFESSION: Okay so, for Christmas, Dom reserved an evening at a cocktail place in Manchester which had to be used in January, so we went up to visit his family for the weekend and broke our Dry January early!

All in all, I didn’t find it too hard, but I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve which helped me stay on track:

  • Find suitable substitutes for when water / squash just won’t cut it and the cravings set in: sparkling elderflower is a great one, along with alcohol-free beer.
  • Avoid going out to eat – not only does this save you money overall, but if you’re like me, you’ll want a large glass of red with your roast, so it’s best to leave the temptation at home!
  • When it’s cold, treat yourself to a nighttime tea (peppermint is great at bedtime as there’s no caffeine in it) or hot chocolate instead of a cold drink – this works doubly well as you’re not imagining substituting it for an alcoholic drink as they’re so different!
  • Buddy up: believe me, I wouldn’t have lasted this long if Dom wasn’t doing it with me

The benefits of doing dry January?

  • We’ve saved money: although sparkling elderflower and fruit squash (cordial) costs more money than water, it’s significantly less than buying wine or gin!
  • I’ve been sleeping SO well: which is probably not a coincidence
  • My skin is better: I was having little breakouts in December, probably a combination of all the alcohol and chocolate and late nights, but they’ve now cleared

If you want to give it a go but feel like it’s too late, give it a go in another month – maybe Dry February? Just make sure it’s a month where you don’t have too many social engagements (unless you’re happy to do them sober, of course!)


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