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2019 is already 11% complete(!) so I wanted to take this chance to look back on my 2019 new year resolutions to see how I’m tracking.

1. READ MORE (20 books)

Currently on book 2 of the year so it’s going well (plus it’s book 2 of a 3 book series so I have my next one lines up already!)

If you read my book recommendations blog post, and read I am Pilgrim because of that (you’re welcome BTW – it’s an amazing read), then you’ll also enjoy Nomad by James Swallow (book 1 of the series I’m reading).

ALSO – if you have any book recommendations for when I’m done with this series, please let me know (comment below)

2. GET BLOGGING AGAIN (1 a week)

I’m pretty proud of this one, and I’m also really enjoying blogging again – which is great! I’ve set myself a bit of a schedule (if I’ve not written a blog post by Sunday for the week ahead, then that’s what’s on the agenda for my day!)

I’ve also enjoyed mixing up my blog post topics a bit, too – while my blog started as purely fitness-focused, and of course that’s still an important part of my life so that’s not going anywhere(!), I like sharing other ideas and tips with you guys. Aside from my book recommendations that I mentioned earlier, I also put up this blog post with tips to being more sustainable (which coincides nicely with NY resolution number 4) and I’m also really proud of my New York recommendations photo diary / blog post (admittedly, from last year, but it makes me so happy!)


So I wanted to make sure I was spending my time and money on things and people that made me happy, and this is something I think we’re doing maybe halfway? As Dom has an exam coming up in March, we’re not doing a lot at the weekends (other than marathon training!) but we are experimenting with new places to eat and also trying to put more effort into gifts for people.

One place that we have tried and that I would highly recommend is Cloud 23 in the Hilton in Manchester – who doesn’t love cocktails with an incredible sunset over the city?!

4. REDUCE WASTE (plastic)

To be honest, other than the tips in the aforementioned blog post (here), we’ve not really made much of a change to our lifestyle – which I guess is a good thing? Yes they’re little steps, but they’re easy and effortless and seamlessly transition into my life!

5. EXPLORE MORE OF THE UK (3 towns or cities)

As stated above, with Dom’s looming exams and marathon training taking up our weekends, we’ve not been doing much else, so this one is still unchecked – but we have got plans for one place I’ve never been to before – the Lake District!

If you have any recommendations for places to visit in the UK, let me know in the comments!


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