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We are now less than one month away from our first 2019 marathon – Paris – so I thought it would be fitting to share an update on how we’re feeling and how training is going.

As of today (27 March) we have:

18 days until Paris and 32 days until London

Our furthest run so far:

32KM (20 miles) – we ran from Wandsworth, through Wimbledon and down to the river in Kingston. We then followed the river back through Teddington, Richmond, Hammersmith and Putney. We accidentally joined the Richmond Half Marathon for miles 9-12 (which actually helped a bit as we were running with others!) The last few KM were tough so we adopted a run / walk technique.

A few weeks ago we did a similar length run – 31.5KM – again, from Wandsworth (it’s where we lived so that makes sense!) we ran down to the river and followed it through Battersea park and Westminster to Tower Bridge. Running over that bridge is an iconic point in the marathon – not only are the crowds amazing, the view is also incredible (and you’re almost at the halfway point). We then ran up to Regents Park, around the park (past the back of London Zoo!) and then back down to Battersea through Hyde Park.

How I’m feeling

I’m feeling pretty damn good – I’m really enjoying this training cycle and I’m looking forward to taking on two of the biggest European marathons. This training has gone much better than it did for my previous two marathons, so I’m hopeful the races themselves will go a bit more smoothly too! That, coupled with the (hopefully) amazing crowds should mean that Dom gets amazing experiences for his first and second marathons!

How Dom is feeling

I’m actually really enjoying the marathon training process. Consistently running 3 times a week has been really rewarding and I can feel it becoming a habit (which I hope to continue long past both marathons). I feel like we’ve prepared really well so the excitement is definitely outweighing the nerves. Bring it on!

Our plan for the next few weeks

The taper has begun! Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to continue training the same amount a week (3 times), but we’ll be reducing the distance of our long runs significantly (~10 miles and then 6 miles) and adding in a couple of pre-hab sessions (Dom, I will get you stretching!)

In the weeks between the marathons, we’ll just do what we can to keep our legs ticking over – a few short runs and we should be fine! That’s the beauty of doing two marathons so close together: you only have to train once. Or, at least, that’s what I’m telling myself – wait until afterwards before booking your own!


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