IMG_3390IMG_3394Gym memberships are expensive. Gym equipment is expensive. Do you know what’s not expensive? A mahooosive bottle from the Big Bottle Co. This bad boy holds 2L – the same amount we are recommended to drink throughout the day, which makes it the perfect desk companion. It has markers down the side so you can see how much you have left and it’s really satisfying to see that level drop!


It’s also a great workout buddy – trust me. 2L of water may not be massively heavy, but it isn’t light. I did this little workout circuit last weekend and I was super sweaty afterwards. I did consider tipping the entire thing on my head but then I remembered I had to walk home afterwards and so I didn’t really fancy it…

Prices start from just £13 for a Big Bottle and they come in a massive range of colours! 



Healthy food is delicious. It’s also not as expensive as everyone thinks if you’re buying all fresh ingredients and prepping it at home. The only issue is the time it takes – sometimes we don’t have enough time to prep it. We get in from work late / go out and then don’t have time in the evening because we’re exhausted. Getting up early enough to prep your meals as well as shower and get ready just sometimes isn’t feasible. So why not let someone else do it for you?

I was contacted by a meal prep company called Prepp’d and they asked if I’d be interested trying out some of their meals – of course I said yes. I always say yes to food.

I was sent a couple of meals from Prepp’d to try out and OH MY GOD DO IT. Because I don’t eat meat, I was sent a couple of vegan meals, a fish meal and one of their vegan doughnuts (YUM).


With Prepp’d, you can get 3 meals a day for a week for about £25 a day – which isn’t bad when you think that you are getting breakfast, lunch and dinner! They also deliver everywhere in the UK which is amazing – most places just do London.

I had the nutty buddha bowl (which I didn’t actually finish – I tried it but I’m not a big tofu or quinoa fan so this isn’t one I’d choose), haddock kedgeree (quite fishy smelling so maybe this one isn’t to bring into work for the microwave) and the raw burger with cauliflower couscous and sweet potato fries (this was my favourite – the burger was made of mushroom but it didn’t taste like a giant mushroom!)


The vegan doughnut also tasted delicious – it was really dense and chocolatey and as I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, I loved it.


I would definitely recommend Prepp’d – obviously it’s not realistic for me to have this every day, as I don’t have enough £££ for that! But I would definitely recommend getting this if you want to stay on track but you know you’re going to have a busy week.



Nearly two weeks ago, I was in Edinburgh with my friends and (surprisingly) my family. We went up to take part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. My dad and I did the marathon, Dom and Will did the half, and Katie, Nicola, Kate and Sam did the Hairy Haggis Relay (yes that’s what it’s called!)

So maybe walking up Arthur’s Seat the day before wasn’t the best prep – and maybe having a few (a lot) of drinks didn’t help too. But neither did the weather. This run was hot and tough!

The first part of the run is mainly downhill – and I say “mainly” because there were still quite a few uphills! The rest was fairly flat (again “fairly” because there were a couple of small hills – not enough to really complain about, but enough to notice!)

The majority of the route itself was along the coast, but disappointingly there wasn’t really much to look at. The inland bits were very resedential, and the coastal bits were along a country road. 

There were water stops every 5KM-ish and I drank SO much – a combination of running with a bottle every time there was a stop and trying to stay hydrated. Which means I had to stop for my first pee stop in a run! 

The best part? The crowds. The people supporting were great – and they were blasting out music and cheering for us really loudly – the last big crowd towards the end even brought a tear to my eye! 

Although I struggled a lot, we managed to finish all together – and we finished STRONG. We had a 250m-ish sprint to the end and I’ve never been in so much pain 😂😂



It’s summer holiday season (YAY). Dom and I are off to beautiful Portugal very soon with his family for some much needed sun, rest and relaxation together and I couldn’t be more excited.

Holidays can be the perfect antidote to a little stress, but forgetting to bring things with you can certainly dampen things. Going with your sister / mum / girl friends can be different because they’ve usually got your back when it comes to girly bits, but with Dom, I can’t just steal his skincare / shoes!

So, here are 10 dos and don’ts to make the most of your summer holiday and to making sure you it’s one to remember for the right reasons.


Firstly, get yourself a little travel pack with your passport, itinerary, money and boarding passes so you’re completely prepped for the journeys. Make sure you have the essentials like sun cream, plug socket adapters and a good book. Then, research where you’re going – will you need a car / bus the other side? Are there any amazing restaurants nearby that you would love to try? You may even find somewhere incredible to visit on Pinterest that you just can’t miss!


It can be a struggle to find the perfect bag – one that allows you to find everything you need easily without spilling your entire contents on the airport floor. My Fiorelli handbag is the perfect carry on for any flight. Big enough to fit my laptop and camera, yet with enough small compartments to tuck my travel documents away safely, an inside pocket for things I won’t need until I’m back (house keys and ££) PLUS more space to keep those liquids separate too (in their clear plastic bag of course!)


(I can safely say I have never been one for over packing. Dom on the other hand…)

All of our holidays this year are long weekends / weekend breaks. So this is definitely something we need to get right. If your holiday is 4 days long you definitely don’t need 6 pairs of shoes, similarly if you’re off for two weeks, you don’t need 14 bikinis. Try to match different pieces together (one tee can make 3 different outfits with the right bottoms!). Plus this means you have enough room to bring home some purchases!


The older I get, the more I care about my skin and the effects the sun has on it. I used to carelessly throw some sun cream on before leaving the hotel – usually in a rush and with little regard to those pesky areas around your bikini! I would very rarely reapply it during the day, drink cocktails instead of water and always avoid the shade! I think I even tried an oil once (instead of a suncream) – needless to say, with my skin, it did not go well! Besides, there’s nothing worse than getting sunburn on the first day and feeling uncomfortable and sore for the rest of the vacation!

Nowadays I’m much better – I make sure I reapply my suncream often throughout the day, drink plenty of water throughout the day, head to the shade when I can feel myself getting a bit too hot and ensure I always have my sunglasses with me without fail.


I know I have made this mistake before. Forgetting to pack skincare and having to get whatever looks like a cleanser in the local shops is not the one. This leaves you with overly greasy skin that is prone to breakouts. It’s understandable – not only does your skin have to adjust to a different climate, different food (/ more alcohol), additional Vitamin D and suncream (something we don’t usually tend to wear at home as Brits). By adding in another layer of uncertainty your skin is 100% confused. Which is why I always make sure I bring my usual skincare away with me now.


Again something so simple! I’m from a very active family so I always make sure I’ve got the right kit for exercising / exploring – you don’t want to end up with your only choice being your (admittedly gorgeous) new shoes – you’ll just end up with blisters all over your feet and blood in your shoes.



As much as I love to use the excuse ‘oh but we’re on holiday’ when it comes to food and drink, my “summer holiday” this year is technically quite a few weekends away and I don’t want to keep eating and eating and then wonder why I can’t fit into my work clothes any more!

I also don’t want to feel horribly bloated the next day on the beach taking outfit shots or feel terribly tired / hungover and dehydrated because we kept drinking cocktails until 3AM! However, it is a holiday after all, and we all deserve a break – so don’t feel guilty if you do have a couple of glasses of wine / that incredible dessert!


While I absolutely LOVE taking beautiful pictures of the area or the food I’m eating, I am definitely guilty of leaving Dom in silence as I write out my caption for Instagram! However, I think I am getting better at this – I try to take a step away from the internet and just enjoy the moment. While this won’t stop me getting my camera out and taking pictures, this will leave us with the moments and memories that are definitely worth keeping! Plus you can always post them when you’re back.


I must admit that I’m not someone who wears a full face of make up every day, but I still think there is something liberating about embracing your natural sun kissed face and enjoying the sea salted hair. So leave your beach wavy hair down and add a little tinted moisturiser, followed by a brush of mascara and a kiss of lip balm.



THIS IS YOUR TIME TO RELAX. Don’t stress about what you’ve left at home – it will be here when you get back! Just focus on recharging your batteries and enjoying yourself!



So my May challenge was to take a photo every day for this month. It was quite tough, but it’s nice to look back on this now and remind myself what’s happened this month.

So go ahead and enjoy this sneak peak into my day to day life..

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